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Modeling Interventions

This element of my research entails several different prongs, most of which are in developmental stages. In each, the basic idea is thinking about how social networks can be leveraged for more effective health interventions.

Adolescent Smoking
The field has made impressive advances in statistically modeling the coevolution of social network and behavioral data via exponential random graph (ERG) and stochastic actor based (SAB) models. Along with David Schaefer, I've recently become interested in leveraging the simulation engines that are used to estimate those models as a means to investigate the potential impacts of behavioral interventions. 

HIV epidemic modeling
For a while, I've been thinking about simulation based approaches for estimating potential alterations in sub-Saharan Africa's HIV epidemic that could derive from specific behavioral mechanisms. Stemming largely from joint interests with Georges Reniers, one aim is to identify unintended effects of several recent recommended intervention strategies: e.g., those associated with HIV testing and counseling, serosorting and marriage/divorce selection. For these simulations, we draw on primary data sources that we have been involved in collecting (e.g., the MDICP and Agincourt DSS) along with other secondary data sources (e.g., DHS data). 

In Development
I am working on the early stages of a few other related projects:
  • We are currently seeking funding for a new project examining Hepatitis C intervention efforts.
  • I am involved with a team seeking to leverage the idea of "activity spaces" to improve efficacy of hypertension interventions.
  • A recent proposal seeks to develop large-scale epidemic models of airborne infections (e.g., flu for the US population).

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