This scene is from seconds 9 - 13 of the video of Neda Agha Soltan which is seen on YouTube here: 
It can be clearly seen by clicking one by one through the frames, that the man in the blue/white striped shirt is pouring from a bottle (red with white label) in his right hand.
Alternatively, many people see a man's bloodied hand in place of what appears to be a bottle of ketchup:
"That is red blood on his hand, and the white is the sun's glare on his metal wrist watch. If you watch the video very carefully, the camera pans to the left and stays focused on his hand as he touches her face."  (quote from astute wikipedian)

A search in google for the word "syringe" in connection with this movie, will turn up an alternate argument: that some people see this man's right hand appear to take a syringe and put the blood on her face.