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"I am a huge fan of the benefits of massage and have sampled a wide variety of techniques and practitioners over the years.  Jim Herdrich's massage stands out for me.  So much so that I now see him weekly.  Jim's integrity, with his strong focus on the client's needs, sets him apart.  Jim continually improves and updates his techniques through workshops.  Jim has my highest recommendation."                              

                                                                                                  Mike G.        12/5/09

Getting a massage from Jim is like going on a mini-vacation. I look forward to it, relish it while I'm there, and feel sad when it is over. The minute that I step into Jim's massage room, I can already feel my body relaxing and my mind starting to let go. The room is warm and the decor is soothing. Once I slip into the luxurious sheets, my body immediately melts into the table. I believe that muscles have memory and in this case, my body is remembering how Jim's massages heal and rejuvenate.
I have had a variety of massages over the years including Swedish and Thai from expensive spas and private therapists. But none of them come close to the level of expertise of Jim's techniques--he is simply amazing. Before he starts the massage, Jim begins each session asking his clients about any problem areas. In my case, it's usually my neck from sitting too long in front of a computer screen. During the massage, Jim will pay extra attention to my problem area and somehow magically releases all the knots and stress that I hold there. His touch is firm and gentle at the same time. Jim also uses a "holistic" massage technique--even when he is focusing on my neck or back, he is also giving attention to my arms or legs at the same time; this makes the muscles in my entire body feel reconnected. Jim also intertwines his body with mine to stretch the muscles and joints; then my body feels like I'm dancing in water.
I cherish my massages with Jim so much that I want others to also have this magical experience--I recommend him to all of my friends and buy them gift certificates. They have all come back agreeing with me--Jim's massage is one of the best they have ever had.

Like all vacations, as soon as my massage is over, I am already planning the next one.                                                                                           Yvonne B.    1/15/10

Jim is a wonderful therapist and very caring person,  Every sessions starts with a discussion of how I am feeling and what areas of my body require attention.  I have a desk job and old sports injuries, and Jim is more than capable to work with the range of aches and pains I bring to our appointments.

Jim is always increasing his skills, taking workshops around the country and exchanging massage with other skilled practitioners.  He brings so many intelligent and intuitive techniques to his treatment that I always leave feeling better.

I am also a CMT, having received my certification from NHI many years ago. I have received much body work through the years and Jim rates at the high end of the scale for being in tune with not only my musculature, but also my energy levels. He brings a deep connection to his work that resonates with me on more than just a physical level.

I would recommend Jim without reservation to anyone seeking holistic massage.

Thanks for everything, Jim!

                                                                                                Roxanne S.          April 22, 2010

I met Jim about 2 years ago for a massage and been going to him on a regular basis. And from the first time I met him, he was very friendly, good listener, very professional, respectful, and obviously knows what he's doing. He gave me the most relaxing massage I have ever received.  He is by far "the best" massage therapist I have ever met! I highly recommend Jim to everybody.

                                                                        Leonard         April 23, 2010

Jim Herdrich is a caring person.......and that is the very core of why Jim is an excellent massage therapist.   You enter his very quiet and well maintained massage room and feel immediately that you are in Jim's personal healing place ....

I had been experiencing shoulder pain and thought I would have to see a doctor and go through all the xray stuff and perhaps even have to eventually  look at surgery.

Jim worked with me verbally and physically during my first session......always checking out how I was feeling and always asking me questions about where my pain was located.

After the first appointment, Jim had located precisely where the source of my pain was and manipulated the area to bring me to the result of no pending surgery.......and also no residual  pain, whatsoever!

He was totally committed to me during my hour session.   Really, it was all about me!  He is a true professional........well trained in every way.  

He left me alone after we were finished to come back to reality with my  own personal bottle of water.  I had plenty of time to get myself together before Jim knocked on the door.  He came in and gave me his full attention for a  few minutes to talk about our hour together and ask if I had any questions.

I found out that Jim is always improving his skills by taking new classes.  He is always adding to his credentials.  And that is what makes each visit to him better and better!

Oh, yeah......he is really the best  massage therapist that I have ever experienced......he really does care about his clients.

                                                                                                    Casey B.             April 23, 2010

Jim is an extraordinary massage therapist and a profound healer.

From the moment you cross the threshold into his space, Jim's warm demeanor and the peaceful environment he has created put you at ease.  He makes sure you have everything you need to feel relaxed and takes the time to understand how various aspects of your life may be contributing to your physical well-being.  With his keen intuition and his extensive knowledge of the body, he easily pinpoints what is in most need of treatment.  Jim has a passion for lifelong learning and is constantly updating and expanding his training.  He has helped me gain a better understanding of my own body and often offers simple advice to improve my everyday life.

Jim is a hidden gem in San Francisco and I highly recommend him for acute body work or for general relief of tension and anxiety.  I always leave feeling both energized and serene.  A truly blissful experience!

                                                                  Mercy D.              May 15, 2010

I've had back pain for a very long time and have seen dozens of different therapists.  Now I only go to Jim, he is by far the best.  He is very knowledgeable and gets results.  He can focus on the problem areas and give an overall wonderful and relaxing massage at the same time.

                                                                  Steve J.                      May 24, 2010

I have known Jim for nearly twenty years. He is not only the best Message Therapist that I have ever been to, but he is the kindest, gentlest person that you will ever meet. Jim has an Aura surrounding him. When you enter his studio, you instantly feel a calmness in the air. Jim's work ethic is impeccable and he will always find time to help in any way that he can.
He is constantly attending workshops and seminars to learn all that he can to be a better CMT. His commitment to his craft is exceptional. He integrates his spiritual beliefs into his work which in turn allows him to heal not only my body but ease my mind as well.
If you are in need of a full body message, Jim is the person to see. It will change your life.

                                                                Marsha A.                        June 5,2010