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About Jim

I have been a certified massage therapist for nine years.

It is my experience that there is a place, between normal consciousness and sleep, which allows us to access the resources we are looking for so that we can continue our journey in a more pleasurable, fulfilling way. 

I begin each session, with you face up, with a few minutes of energy work while I listen deeply and gain a sense of the way your body makes connections.  Then I'll ask you to turn over and begin the massage.  I'll integrate long flowing strokes, passive joint mobilization, and awareness to breath and presence with deep tissue techniques as I give my attention to areas of congestion to help you relax tight muscles and promote a sense of physical and energetic well being.


My professional training includes:

  • 200+ hours San Francisco School of Massage (Swedish massage certification)
  • 300+ hours at Esalen Institute (Advanced massage training)
  • 400+ hours studying energy healing with Rosalyn Bruyere (Southern California)
  • 600+ hours studying hands-on healing with Stephen Weiss, D.O. (osteopath in New York City)
  • Teaching assistant in both deep tissue programs and at The Esalen Institute