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If You're Looking for The Best Golf Instructor That WILL Improve Your Game - There's No Better Place.
     I work with my students to learn what's required to make a "correct" swing.

     I say "correct" swing because a correct swing is one that does not rely on "timing" but optimizes the body's mechanics (kineseology) and the laws of physics.  I knew that there was a way to correctly utilize the rules of how the human body moved, and the laws of physics, to perform the optimum golf swing.  The optimum swing also uses in it's favor the fact that the human body is not a "machine".  The golf swing the human body produces is slightly different from one to the next, and the optimum swing makes sure the golfer errs on the "correct" side of any and all possible variations.

Rates - (Video used in ALL lessons)
     - 30 min. -- $40
     - 60 min. -- $60
     - Two golfers -- 60 min. $100

The Secret - There IS an optimum swing technique.

     The laws of physics and body mechanics apply to all of us the same.  Absent some movement limiting injury, all of our joints bends and rotates the same.  The wrists behave the same in relation to the forearm, the legs have similar mobility in relation to the hip, etc.

     As an example, to correct a student's slice, one of the WORST pieces of advice an instructor can give a student is to close the club-face into the back-swing to where the student has a curled left wrist at the top of their swing.  Why?  Because that will lead to an opposite move through impact... leading to an opening of the club-face through impact.  The swing should be an "open-to-closed" move... not "closed-to-open".  

    When I work with my students I explain exactly WHAT needs to be done during a golf-swing to produce a "correct" swing... and just as important, I explain WHY.  I explain to all of my students how the body's mechanics perform during a "correct" swing as well as what happens during an incorrect golf swing.  I communicate in very simple terms what needs to happen during the swing to capitalize on the bio-mechanics of the body and the laws of physics.

     If you would like to learn "The Secret" to executing a "correct" swing that uses the body's bio-mechanics and capitalizes on the laws of physics, schedule your lesson today.  

    Here are just a few examples of the HUGE amount of improvement that can be achieved in just ONE lesson when taking lessons from the right instructor:
Most of the Before/After videos above were taken at the beginning and the end of the same one hour lesson.  This gives you just a glimpse of how much improvement can be made when working with the right instructor that truly knows the golf-swing.

     After years of research - I have found that there are basically 5 Shot Killing Moves.  Every single golf student I work with does at least one of these.  And once I am able to get rid of the Shot Killing Move that's keeping them from producing great shots... they start hitting shots they never dreamed they'd ever be able to hit.

JR Southbay Golf Practice Facility

If you're interested in improving your game... and I don't mean... "in weeks or months".  I mean IMMEDIATELY.  Contact me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.    

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