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Many thanks for visiting my Mindfulness Teaching site. Teaching mindfulness is an outgrowth of my 40 years of meditation practice. Mindfulness meditation is my primary practice -- seasoned with my learnings and experiences from many gifted teachers with roots in many world wisdom traditions. Click on the "About Jim" tab above to learn more about my background.

There are two aspects to my teaching: the secular, practical skill side and the devotional side. They are really two sides to the same coin, and no side is “better than” the other. Each side can be thought of as a door opening on one’s own inherent truth.

For some, the practical door is the most accessible. This door reveals tools and techniques for re-visioning daily life. The stresses, pains, and upsets we all experience are grist for this mill, and mindfulness practice offers more space, more ease, and more peace in living and experiencing our lives. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a secular teaching program I employ to develop secular practice skills.

For others, mindfulness practice supports spiritual growth and deepens connection with one’s essential nature. Mindfulness meditation has its roots in Vipassana Buddhist tradition. In this teaching mode, more focus is applied to the traditions and root teachings, within a Western cultural context to bring accessibility to US students.

And for yet others, there is no distinction. All good. My wish for your visit is that you become more aware of the choices available to you, and that you find the door(s) that brings you peace and equanimity.

Please follow the links above to learn more about me, my teaching, and other mindfulness resources that may be useful to you.