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Timeline of Important Events during the Jim Crow Era


1828- Thomas "Daddy" Rice begins to sing and dance making fun of African American Culture.

1863-Emancipation Proclamation

1866- K.K.K. created

1870- A Virginia law made it illegal for black and white children to attend the same schools.

1875-Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1875, which prohibited discrimination in public accommodation conveyances on land or water, and other places of public amusement.

1879- Thousands of southern blacks frustrated with discrimination and poverty in the South emigrated to the West. The Exodus of 1879 occurred later.

1882- In 1882 at least 49 blacks were lynched. 3438 blacks were lynched between the years 1882 and 1951.

1890-1908- Southern states adopted new constitutions and voting laws designed to disenfranchise black voters.

1892- Ida B. Wells began writing articles and campaigning against lynching. At least 161 blacks were lynched in 1892, probably the highest number in a single year.

1896- Plessy v Ferguson


1909- The national Negro Conference met in New York City and founded the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

1914- All southern states and many northern cities had Jim Crow laws that discriminated  against blacks.

1917- United states entered WW1. 370,000 blacks saw service.

1920- Women get right to vote

1931- "Scottsboro Boys"

1936- Jesse Owens became first American to win 4 gold metals.

1942- Congress of Racial Equality was founded in Chicago.

1945- WW2 ended, 1,150,000 blacks were inducted to military.

1953- Malcolm X became a minister in the Nation of Islam.

1955- Maryland register passed a law that imprisoned any white woman that gave birth to a mixed race child.

1955- Rosa Parks sat in front of bus.

1956- A law barred blacks and whites from playing a series of games together.

1958- The Virginia legislature voted to close a school that enrolled black and whites.

1959- An Arkansas law required all state buses to designate whites- only seating areas.

1963- MLK gathered and said his speech.

1964- Brown V.S. Board of Education.

1964, July 2- President Johnson signed civil rights act.