First Lessons

A Sabbatical Project

James C. Chesebrough, D. M.A.

Associate Professor

Keene State College

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 "First Lessons" is a sabbatical project which will involve taking lessons with trombone professionals and engaging in many trombone activities during the coming months. Arrangements will be made to meet with as many teachers as possible.  They will be asked to answer a written questionnaire designed to get background information on each teacher, be interviewed on the philosophy and techniques they use in their studios, and then asked to do a "first lesson" with me. These lessons will be video recorded, and the videos along with the various philosophies, techniques, and materials used by the teachers will be available here. We are extremely grateful to all the trombonists that are participating in this project.

 This project was supported in part by funding from a Keene State College Faculty Development Grant.


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