Pontiac 1940 two door
Starting to work on a 1940 Pontiac two door

I just acquired a 1940 Pontiac.  It was somewhat of an impulse buy.  I have never had a Pontiac since a 64 Tempest back in 71.  I have a lot of questions about how to get it back to mostly origional if anyone out there has any experience with 40 Pontiacs.

These are the pictures from the front and side.  Parts I am missing include the hood latch, the nose tag, and the parking lights.

In general the inside is very clean with a brown velveteen upolstery. 

a couple things that don't seem right: the running board (that was in the back seat) appears to curve away from the front fender rather that follow the curve of the fender.  Chevys seem to follow the curve.  Also it has 5 bolt 14 inch wheels.  I assume it had 15's but the 5 bolt also seems strange since my 47 chevy has 6 bolt.


Anyone with any info on 40 Pontiacs please contact me.