Ozark Klunkers

Help preserve old cars, bikes and tractors.  Don't crush them. 

Old vehicles represent a part of our history that can't be replaced.  It doesn't matter if you restore, rebuild, refurbish, customize or just set them aside for the future.  It is all part of sharing history, knowledge and effort with others. 

Here are the web sites for most of my cars:

Mike's cars:



Jim MacKay
 My recent additions:
  I bought a 50 merc flathead, trany and overdrive on an engine stand at a Car Show 
 this is a 31 Ford Model A with Model T fenders and a home built 2 door woodie body
 this is a 29 Ford tudor with the top chopped
My new 2011 camaro rs

59 Chevy Shortbed. I need some help getting this guy running. 

        This is a 32 Ford Board track racer.  I restored the wood on the 71 Morris



 The 52 Chevy half ton donor has a 292 block

On the left is a 62 massy Fergessen that I call "the Hulk".  I traded this for some work on the the property.
Next is the 49 Ford 8N ran when I parked it.  Now yard art.  The 37 chevy half ton may be beyond hope.

This 40 Merc may someday be a woodie.  It still has a flathead.  The B pillar and the door skins are the worst part.

The will be the car I use to learn about building woodies.  I want a station wagon body that looks like the one on a Model A that uses the cowl rather than the typical T depot hack that starts at the fire wall.

This is how the above Model T coupe looks now.  I am working on the tailgate and the roof.  I go the roof done and now have moved the body to a Model A.

I do have a nice 24 Model T coupe that is a good runner.  Nancy and I went to the 100 year Model T anniversary in Indiana.

This poor soul is a mid 40's chevy 4 door and almost beyond hope.  It was only a couple hundred and heading for the crusher.  The hood is there but since it was unbolted I have it sitting on the side.  Maybe I will find a coupe that needs the parts.  I bought it to have the 216 parts available and right away needed the spare carb laying in the trunk.  I found some fender guards and parking lights in the trunk as well they are now on my 47 Fordor.

This 47 is a nice driver.  The steering is a challenge.  It needs to be adjusted to take out the half turn of slack in the wheel.



I've got a bunch of VW's: 2 ovals, a 73 vert;, and a 59 sand rail.  Ovals and Splits are getting hard to find and need to be saved.  the unibody style construction makes them very rust prone but the pans are available. How about a VW woodie wagon?  Anyone have an example?


 I am about done with my VW collecting.  Maybe a van and a Karman Gia.

 This is a 34 Chevy 1 1/2 ton Flatbed that runs but has a bad knock.

This is the remaining Iron I have around.  I recently sold the 53 chevy PU. It is a nice runner.  the 46 chevy Pick Up was advertised as a nice runner but it needs a lot of work.  The 79 MGB is a good runner but is too low to the ground for these gravel roads.  The 59 Chevy Longbed needs a Valve Job and maybe more.  the 42 Chevy PU was to be a parts car for the 46 but It may be in better condition.   

      This is a 29 Model A that looks better than it is.  It is gutted and the back door is bolted in place. On the right is how it looked a few weeks back with a Huckster Van body.  I have since added the roof material and the seats.  It is a good runner.

Here are two more of my recent additions.  They are both good runners.  On the left is a restored 1939 Ford Delux Fordor.  It is the last year of the swing out windshield and floor shift and the first year of the hydrolic brakes.  On the right is a 1928 Ford AR that started life as a Tudor and is now a two door Phaeton.  The windshield was changed to an open car and the top of the "bathtub" what rolled to form a nice edge.
A couple more recent additions. 


the above Chevy was traded for a 62 impala.

 more engine pictures: