Model T Woody
The Process of Building a Woody with no Plans

I bought a 27 Model T Ford Coupe basket case.  The body was missing the doors and rear deck and needed a lot of body work around the rear quarter panels.  The cowl is in pretty good shape.  I decided I would try building a woody like a Model A station wagon but on a model T. 

This is how it looked when I rolled it into the storage building.  It had one flat so I got a tube and pumped it up.  The sidewalls on the rear tires are shot but they will hold the 10 pounds needed to make a roller out of it.

I built a cardboard mock up over the body to get an idea of the overall shape.



The decision where to cut the body was a tough one.  I could cut it at the front or the back of the door opening.  I decided on the back to preserve the origional metal frame around the front floor boards and the seat frame. 

The distance to the back is a problem.  I'm using plans for a Model A Huskster Van from Wagon Works.  It calls for 96 inches from the front of the door to the back.  Does anyone out there have a Model A station Wagon?  Will you measure the distance form the front of the front door to the back and from the center of ther rear axle to the back please. 


Another mock up using wood.  I shortened the back to 60 inches behind the door rather than the 69 inches recommended in the huckster plans.  it may be too short now.  the fenders are 42 1/2 inches apart so either the 45 in the plans need to be narrowed or the need to be tubbed in or narrowed.  the top of the windshield is 47 inches wide.  there are lots of options.

this is the 25 T coupe that I picked up in Wisconsin.  Very similar but a taller windshield and lower cowl


I have the deck support laid down.  I decided to keep the door sill and start the wood at the back of the door at the bottom.  I have kep the origional 96 inches from the front of the door to the back of the car.  I also decided to lay the 2 x 4's flat to keep the back floor lower.  I have some extra VW seats sitting in place to get a feel for the distances.  I am still concerned that the back sticks out too far.  So far I have made the body 45 inches wide all along.  If I keep it that way I will have to cut the fenders flush with the body.  That will work as long as we put a circle of trip around them to finish the inside edge.

 I got the sides framed

 I have the sides installed and framed in now.


A lot of time has gone by without much progress.

The two pictures above may not seem much different but a lot of cutting and recutting was required to tub (imbed) the fenders into the wood sides.  On the previous pictures they were just sitting in place.

The curved wood was cut as a curve from a 12 inch wide plank.  14 inches and it would have been one piece.  I ended up splicing in about two inches in the back. (6/08)

I now have the doors and the roof on (the vinal is just laying there).  The windows are all framed in on the right side.  I will put plexiglas in the back two.  I may just leave the door window without a glass.

I am testing some stain.  the soft panels seem to absorb a lot of stain and get very dark wherease the pine hardly takes any color at all.

I still have to figure out the tailgate.

Well that's it for now.  More later.