Jim MacKay Chevy Truck Collection

This is my collection of hardly able Chevy Trucks that are mostly yard ornaments here in the Ozark Mountains.

I also have a collection of VW's but that will be another page.


This is my 46 Chevy three quarter ton.  It has a 307 V8 and a blown automatic transmission.  The rear end was not bolted down correctly so it needs work also.  I need to tear it down to the frame and start over.  I like it becase of the origional black paint.  It has a shine and some hazing that looks great.  The prior owner did some welding on the frame and changes to the suspension that are poorly done.  I will get to it after I get my current project finished.



This is my 42 Chevy half ton.  I bought it for parts for the 46 but it is complete enouph to fix up.  It may be a GMC.  The vin tag is off the car.  The seller gave it to me with the title.  They don't match.  One is a Chevy and the other is a GMC.  It says Chevy in the front and that's what the title says so that's what it will be. 


This is the only really drivable collector pickup I have. It is a 53 Chevy half ton.  It has the origional? 216 in it.  It runs OK but don't plan on moving along over about 50 mph.  I haven't done much to it.  I added the origional style tail lights, shocks, and a wood bed.




Thid old gal is a 34 one ton with a flat bed (full of 56 VW parts at the moment). She does run along at about 30 mph but overheats.  I have pulled the water pump and flushed the radiator but it probably needs an better cleanout.  The rims are called "widowmakers" for good reason so I had a professional mount the 6 tires.  You can see more about her on www.stovebolt.com .


.These are my last 3 trucks; a 36 half ton, a 59 half ton, and a 51 half ton. These were all bought for the engine parts. Maybe they will all hear road noise again.

 This is a 65 "turtleback" wrecker. The wrecker runs but need brakes. I'm hoping to use it to go to swap meets.  It sure beats tragging a trailer.  I never got the breaks fixes do I game it to someone that could.