Jim Sanderson

Professor and Chair, Lamar University

Chair, Department of English and Modern Languages
Lamar University
03D Maes Building
P.O. Box 10023
(409) 880-8559








Jim Sanderson’s collection of short stories, Semi-Private Rooms (1994), won the Kenneth Patchen Prize for fiction in 1992, sponsored by Pig Iron Press. A collection of essays, A West Texas Soapbox appeared in June of 1998 from the West Texas A&M State University Series from Texas A&M University Press. Sanderson’s first novel, El Camino del Rio, won the 1997 Frank Waters Prize, and was published by The University of New Mexico Press. The University of New Mexico Press also published two other novels: Safe Delivery (2000, finalist for Violet Crown Award) and La Mordida (2002). Nevin’s History, a historical novel, appeared from Texas Tech University Press in April 2004.  Sanderson's short story collection, Faded Love, 2010 from Ink Brush Press, was a finalist for the 2010 Texas Institute of Letters' Jesse Jones Award for best book-length fiction by a Texas writer or about Texas. In 2011 Ink Brush Press published the next in Sanderson's Dolph Martnez/Jerri Johnson detective series, Dolph's Team. Lamar university Press has published Trashy Behavior, another collection of short stories in 2013.  In 2014, TCU press published a darkly comic mystery set in Southeast Texas, Nothing to Lose.  In 2015 Livingston Press published the prequel, Hill Country Property, a novel that traces the development of central Texas from rural to urban area from the 40s through the 80s in 2015. 
Sanderson has previously published about eighty short stories, essays, or scholarly articles.  He won the 2012 Kay Cattarulla Award from the Texas Institute of Letters for best short story by a Texan or about a Texan for his short story "Bankers," published by Descant.  Sanderson has a Ph.D. in fiction writing from Oklahoma State University. For a living, he teaches fiction writing and American literature and film at Lamar University, and after serving as Writing
Director, he now serves as chair of the Department of English and Modern Language. He is the 2002 Distinguished Faculty Lecturer at Lamar University.  In 2006 he was selected as that year's University Scholar.
Jim Sanderson was born in San Antonio. Much of his work is set in Texas, particularly West Texas and border. Currently, Sanderson is a Professor of English at Lamar University in Beaumont.

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