CIS-1151  WebSite Development Assignments  

  Spring 2017 -  7 week class 
   NOTE:  The videos are all CC-Closed Captioned for those who want it.  If you don't see a CC use the CHROME Browser.
                You can view the video in several sizes, rewind and replay as often as needed.
                most Assignments have accompanying handout at the bottom of each Assignment page
Questions?  call JilMac 802-254-8628

NOTE:  if you find a reference to STWEB this is now CLASSweb
            if you find a reference to FTP this is now ELFileManager
Week 1  Jan 24 - Jan 30
Week 2  Jan 31 - Feb 06
Week 3  Feb 07 - Feb 13
Week 4  Feb 14 - Feb 20
Week 5  Feb 21 - Feb 27
Week 6  Feb 28 - Mar 06
Week 7  Mar 07 - Mar 13
Final & Project - All work that you want included in your grade needs to be
                           accessible from your Google WebSite by Sunday  March 19th before midnight.
All work: B+A, Research, Extra Credit & Project that you want included in your grade must be:  
      uploaded to and the links Posted in each Moodle Forum to the Assignment page on your Google WebSite.
      Note:  Students working on other Web-Servers 
               1.  IF you are doing an HTML WebSite:
                  you need to zip and copy your code to, it does not have to working on CLASSweb - 
                  but I must be able to see the code to grade you.
               2.  IF you are creating a Google WebSite, Wix, WordPress or other CMS site you will need to have the 
                  project approved by JilMac (in your Project Outline, or by eMail) so arrangements can be made
                  in case she needs login access.