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Internet Navigating

Classes:    2012:  Tues Mar 13,  Thurs Mar 15,   Tues Mar 20,  Thurs Mar 22        Time: 9am - Noon

Location:  Brattleboro office of Vermont Adult Learning

Session 1   Tues March 13    9am-Noon    (JilMac can stay until all questions are answered!  ) 
            Questionnaire:  Paper (goal:  to do this same questionnaire On-Line
            Searching the Internet - on a Computer, Smart Phone, Tablet
                Browsers enable you to search the internet
    • IE - Internet Explorer  Current Versions are IE6, IE7, IE8 & IE9
    • FireFox
    • Chrome
    • Safari (Mac Computers)
    • Opera (Mac Computers)
    • There are many more Browsers and the list will continue to grow
                Add-On's & Plug-ins
                Search Engines:  Google, Bing, Yahoo, Good Search (, etc.
                                               Readers Digest just had an article on getting your computer to work faster.

            Advanced Google Search
    • enter a search and press Enter or click Google Search button
    • Notice that you have options on the Right-Navigation
    • Scroll to bottom of page
    • Click Advanced Search link

            Workshop:  Google Search - how to find what you are looking for

            Workshop:  eMail
    • Setting up a gMail account
    • eMail basics
    • Sending & Receiving eMail - send an eMail
    • Send an eMail with a Web Link
            Google Maps - an Introduction

Session 2 - Thurs March 15    9am-Noon     (JilMac must leave right after Class - teaching in Springfield at 1:00)
            Review & Questions - Browsers, Search Engines, Advanced Searches, eMail
            Web Pages
            Moving around on the web
            How do you know what to trust
            Web Address - where do you find it on your web browser??  Does it always show??
            Domain Name, URL, and Web Site Name - are all ways to say the same thing
            Workshop:  Send an eMail with an Attachment
            Workshop:  Create a Google Site, put a LINK to 
            Google Maps:  type in your address ... how close does Google come?  Try Street View.
Session 3 -Tues March 20    9am-Noon       (JilMac can stay until all questions are answered!  ) 
            Review & Questions - Structure of a Web Page, Links, Accessing specific Web Pages
            Downloading programs
                        Download Google CHROME - a Browser
                        Download TypeFaster - for the VAL computers you may need to install in the MyDocuments folder.
            Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware programs - you have to have them - if you are using the internet - these are a few - but there are many with options:
                        Norton 360 - JilMac likes to buy the CD, latest version -vs- upgrading or downloading by Symantec
                        AVG - what VAL is using (The free version does not have everything, but it is better than nothing
                        VIPER - Buy a lifetime
            Entering data into a Form  <-- Move to SESSION 4 ????
                        Form -  What is a Form?
                        Moving from Field to Field - TAB Key moves forward,  Shift-TAB moves backwards
                        Can you cut & paste into a Form?
                        Test Form:             
            Researching Jobs On-Line and filling out On-Line job applications
            Workshop:   Fill out a job-application on line.
                          Open a Browser Window
                          Go to:
                          Scroll to bottom of the page
                          click the Click here to view current job openings
                             Advanced Job Search:  
                             1.  Login to Monster - if you don't have an account you can create an account
                             2.  Go to Advanced Search
                             3.  Since we are in Vermont - leave the search as Blank as possible
                             4.  BEFORE you click SEARCH, to the left is ... Save Search as Alert
                             5.  To View or Modify a search, from the TOP navigation click JOBS > SAVED SEARCH
                             6.  You can have up to 5 searches, 
                                  When you receive your email alerts you can click on the "Updated Job Search Results - 7/30/2010" Edit ]
                                  When you edit - it will give you two choices - how often you receive an alert & the name of the alert.
                                  IF you want to change the selection of the search - you will need to create another search.
                          Valley Careers       
                                 Jobs in Vermont        
                          Vermont Job Link 
                          Vermont Jobs:    
                          Jobs in Vermont  
                          Jobs in NewHampshire:
                          Vermont Jobs       simply goes out to, you have to register to view the jobs.
                          C&S online form
            Workshop:  Create a Google Picasa Account and Upload a Picture
            Workshop:  Capture a picture from a Web Site
                         To capture the computer screen you are looking at press the Print-Screen or Prnt Scrn key
                         Open a Word Document - Paste (Ctrl-V), you will see the picture of your computer screen
                         To capture the Open Window - press ALT-Print-Screen  or  ALT-PrntScrn key
                         In the same Word Document - Paste (Ctrl-V), you will see just the Screen that was active
                         Note:  You can Paste (Ctrl-V) a screen shot into: Word, Excel, Paint to paste the picture into.
                                   If you use Paint - then you can save the picture as a .JPG and attach to Gmail.
            Workshop:  Modify the picture you just captured and Save As a .JPG
                         Use Paint to modify the picture (VAL-Handouts:  Computer Basics - Session 3; Graphics_with_Paint-WinXP+Windows7.doc)

Session 4 - Thurs March 22   9am-Noon  (JilMac must leave right after Class - teaching in Springfield at 1:00)
            Review & Questions - Downloading files, On-Line Forms, Research/Google Search
            Workshop:  Upload some pictures to your Picasa account
            Workshop:  Add a page to your Google Site - to display your Picasa Pictures
            Creating a Google Document         (VAL-Handouts:  Word+Excel-Session1;  Google Documents+Spreadsheets-Basics.doc)
            Creating a Google Spreadsheet
            Sharing your Google Documents  (VAL-Handouts:  Navigating the Internet-Session 4; GoogleDocuments-SharingFiles.doc ) 
            Final Questionnaire:
                          How many feel comfortable enough to fill out the questionnaire on-Line?
                          How many still want to use paper?
            Workshop:  Fill out a Google Form

Notes for JilMac .... How to create a Google FORM that updates a Google SPREADSHEET

            Teacher & Class Review:
                          Students give feedback on how the class impacted them.

VAL - Student Evaluation Form


Previously Taught on Classes:  
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