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QR code

JilMac's QR code has Joe's 
  • and test, and test & test
  • Keep error correction low
  • Shorten URL

Google's Chrome has an Add On

This QR code was generated using:  <-- specific fields are already set up in this generator

Notice that in the URL is the data that is stored in the QR code

Notice also that the web site it is the web site for Google Charts API, this is an IMAGE CHART 
other fun things include make a chart with words:,40&chs=250x100&chl=Jil|Mac

JilMac's QR code generated from

This QR code was generated using

Notice this image is stored at

but the URL data that will be displayed is stored in the image link generated by the program img.php 

it only retrieves the number 02783277 

This QR code was generated with
the Size used was the default of 200
Use the above tool to generate your own QR Codes for any text. The tool uses the Google Charts API.

QR - Unique Bar Code, has 3 big squares in its corners, is a two dimensional bar code that can be read in two directions; vertical and horizontal, giving it the ability to hold more are varied types of information. QR codes can be created and read from QR software. 
 Barcodes: original bar code or what is referred to now as a 1D barcode - only holds a numeric value, it needs a database to look up the information that relates to this bar code
 QR codes hold more data, a complete contact (name, phone, email, ...) a Geolocation, WebPage LINK, or Video Link, and more without any access to an external datavase

READ a QR:    
  • from your BROWSER - LONG-Click the image > Save image > After Download > Open image > Menu > Decode with QR Droid
  • from your PHONE       - Take a picture of the QR > Menu > Share > Decode QR code (since the image is now a picture on your phone, every time you want that information - do the same steps, the links are clickable)
QR-Reader - download to your smart phone from iStore or the Android