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Getting Started - this is a list from National Engineers Day's Engineering_Week_Sketchup-Challenge  held at the VT Nat'l Guard 
                                          which came from an overview of iPad review from Lucie deLabrare's research techsavvygirl@gmail 
Sketchup: At a Glance:
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Challenge Videos
SketchUp Basics: Shapes and Push/Pull:
The Arc Tool:
Measuring in SketchUp:
Raising the Roof:
The Folding Box:
Symmetry with Components:

Additional Videos
SketchUp Tutorials from Google:
Plane--A flat or level surface
Rotate--to “spin” a line, surface, or object in space so that it faces a new direction
Surface--A series of joined faces
Form--the way in which a 3D object looks
Shape--a two-dimensional group of lines (a circle, square or triangle, for example)
Function--the job something does
Aesthetics--the study of how people view the arts--what they consider to be beautiful or appealing
Sculpture--a 3D artwork created by shaping or combining different materials
Component--a grouping of lines, planes and surfaces within a drawing
Arc--a curved line, or part of a circle
Pan--A camera movement in which the camera turns side to side
Zoom--changing your camera view so part of your model is bigger on screen
Orbit--a camera view that lets you move around your piece--to see it from different sides/angles
Two-dimensional (2D)--any object with length and width
Three-dimensional (3D)--any object with length, width and height (or depth)
Value Control Box (VCB)--displays dimensional information while you draw.  You can also add information to the VCB to make more precise drawings or movements