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CCV - The Community College of Vermont is part of the VSC - Vermont State College Systems of CSC-Castleton, LSC-Lyndon, JSC-Johnson, VTC-VT Tech & CCV.

Learning LAB/Center visits for Spring 2012.   

For each student visiting the Leaning Center, please complete an entry in the survey monkey.   You can access the link each week as needed. 

All VSC has access to the Library - Classes can have an Embedded Librarian in them

To access the CCV Embedded Librarian for your course - Log into CCV's PORTAL
the training library is great http://hartness.vsc.edu/guidesccv/tutorials

I like the videos on:
  • Google SCHOLAR Search
  • ADVANCED Google Search
  • How do you Cite information to avoid plagiarism ?  
    • Author Name
    • Title of the Article/Web Page
    • Web Address  - also make it link-able on your site or in Word/Goggle Documents
    • Date you cited information
    • And the real reason to cite - is so you can find the article, example, code again.
  • How to Cite information for other Class Research papers ? 
    • Direct Quote - the exact words that have " " around them & the Citation of each Source
    • Paraphrase - you rephrase a quote & the Citation of each Source
    • Summary - a summary & the Citation of each Source 
  • What types of things do you need to Cite?
    • Journal article
    • data & percentages
    • information from a text book or ebook
    • newspaper article
    • email & phone conversations
    • course lectures
    • blog posting
    • information on the web
  • Types / Syles of Citation
    • MLA Citation - Modern Language Association;  used mainly for: Liberal Arts, Humanities, Literary Topics
      • in-text citation
      • list of references or bibliography (at the end of your research/paper)
    • APA Citation -  American Psychological Association for documenting sources used in a research paper.

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