Hi Students!  This is what I am teaching in the upcoming months:

Summer 2020 - CCV - CIS1041 Computer Applications (Word/Google Docs, Excel/Sheets, PowerPoint/Presentation, Cloud Computing)
Fall 2020         - CCV - CIS1041 Computer Applications (Word/Google Docs, Excel/Sheets, PowerPoint/Presentation, Cloud Computing)
Fall 2020         - CCV - CIS1151 Web Development (HTML, CSS,  and a little bit of JavaScript, Bootstrap, SASS)

Feel free to look over the Assignments for these classes (Left Navigation)
and see what other Students have accomplished.  
All our work will be accessible from your Student web sites.
This is where work will be turned in as well as the college's Canvas-Learning Management System.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me 802-254-8628  Jil@JilMac.com

TextBooks - I do not require textbooks for my classes.  We use Internet resources and CCV's Online Library.
                     IF a student does NOT have reliable online accessibility, give me a call 802-254-8628 so we can decide what textbook & resources will work for you.

I really like all the suggestions for Inclusive Practices.  https://www.lcsc.edu/teaching-learning/ideas-and-inspiration/syllabus-statements#RCO
It is hard to pick just one.  So What I would like to say is if you need to adjust your schedule for ANY reason - give me a call and we will make the necessary adjustments.

go To http://Code.org

Keep Aaron Swartz work alive  - JilMac & Copyright https://sites.google.com/site/jilmactraining/Classes/copyright

Inc's 5 Things That Really Smart People Do  


1. Quiet Your Inner Voice
2. Argue With Yourself

3. Act Like You Are Curious

4. Find the Kernel of Truth
5. Focus on the Message Not the Messenger

Some compliments that JilMac found especially important:

WebDevelopment:  Please explain your overall rating of your instructor & the course.  

Summer2018This project was so hard but so very, very rewarding. Thank you for all of your information and your help. I cannot wait to go on with my web design education.

Summer2018 Thank you so much for the opportunity.  It has been fascinating.

Summer2018I found this class very rewarding, yet challenging. I made many, many mistakes and loved to figure them out on my own. I appreciated that you were available if needed, but also enjoyed figuring out how to fix my mistakes. Because of this, I now feel more confident about web design. In 8 short weeks, I have learned so much! Though this class was a requirement for me, I hope to continue to learn more about web development. 

Spring2016- Throughout this course I've been challenged to conquer my fear of computers. It has been a struggle for me but through this course I really do feel like I have learned a lot about what goes into the basics of coding. One of the things I liked about this class was that it gave me the ability to explore new avenues of computer works that taught me different ways to use it. Most of the research I did was extremely helpful for how I learn.    Through the skills I have gained through this class I hope to further my knowledge by working on my own personal website. Through this class I have learned about patience and persistence. There were hundreds of times that I thought I was doing something right and it turned out wrong but through that I've learned. I suppose that that's the point of school and learning.  trial and error and then try again.     Thank you so much for this experience I will be using these skills in the future!  

Spring2016-  I’ve truly enjoyed the research aspect of this course. It’s made me think differently and more intensely about a lot of things, not just limited to technology. It’s good to look at things with a broader perspective, sometimes. Yes, this is a web design course, but as we code, or work with computers, we are engaging in a whole interconnected world of networks and communication. I enjoy making those connections between what we do in class and what is happening in the world at large.

Fall2013-JilMac offers to come in before class and stay as long as you need her after class. she is respectful and she is the most polite person. if you do not understand something she will stop what she is doing and go over it again or come over and help you. she makes sure everyone is on the right page.   I truly did not understand how to use them computer that well or what a website is made up of and this course showed me a lot about the web and how to use it.  It also taught me how to be creative.  This was one of my favorite courses. 

Fall2013-JilMac is very concerned about our individual success in her course. She is always available to help and completely understands why people are having problems and is right there to resolve them. She makes the assignments clear, challenging, and fun at the same time.  This course is like learning a new language that is forever changing;  not an easy thing to teach and not an easy thing to learn.  JilMac shows her understanding of this very well and makes this course far less stressful than it could be.

Fall2013-She is very helpful when you need her. She also is very nice and makes sure everyone gets done with the work that they have too.  This course is challenging and very fun.

Fall2013-I would take another class by this instructor. Great positive classroom atmosphere!  Not easy, and was challenging, but in a good way.  I learned a lot!

Summer2013-Jil is a very easily reachable instructor.  She encourages us to contact her BEFORE ware are melting down with a problem and is for the most part very laid back and wants us to take our time and get as much as we can out of a lesson before we head into the next one.  Some of the scripting and the textbook don't work well with one and another.  Jil has made up for this by providing us links to other texts and resources throughout the web.

Computer Applications:

Summer 2020 -  I feel as though this is the only class that has ever taught me so much about computers and all that they offer with different programs. It challenges me to step out of my comfort zone to really enhance my presentations when all tips and tricks are combined. I also like how I will forever have these weekly B&As as well as what I have learned for future reference! 

Fall2012 - Computer Applications -  

  • Rate the Instructor:  Jil is a great instructor. She took the time to make sure each student was on track during each class. She made herself available to answer questions and provided clear step by step directions. I really enjoyed the class and would take another with Jil.                                                   
  • Rate the Course:  I work as an internet technical support representative for a specific online database, so felt pretty comfortable with this class, but it was still challenging for me. My goal was to learn 2010 Office, but I learned so much more than that. This is a great course for people that are familiar with older versions of Office, but want to learn the latest version.

JavaScript:  Please explain your overall rating of your instructor & the course.

Summer2014-Javascript:  I enjoy watching the Chats because one thing I learn while Jil talks us through her processes is how to more efficiently (and calmly) problem solve for coding issues and how to more easily navigate all the files, programs, and resources.

Fall2013-JavaScript:   This class was taught well and I felt I learned a lot about programming with this instructor.  Better than some previous CIS instructors I've had.  Good Course, needed information for today's world and well updated for the ever changing technological advancements and new programming styles.

SP-Fall2012-Javascript: ...You also mention college is expensive to learn from.  I have been going to college for two years and only done 2 classes related to web development so far, and web development is something I could technically learn on your own without a college degree, but it's what the job market wants - I find the system a little hard to understand sometimes.  I have definitely learned to learn better this semester (if that makes any sense) and I'm aware of the wealth of knowledge out there, and taking directly to people who have experience is sometimes the quickest way to understanding one aspect of a topic.  I appreciate all the info.

JP-Fall2012-Javascript:  Was a wonderful class I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. My only regret was taking other classes, so I didn't get to spend as much time as I wanted to on this class.  Enjoyed your class a lot and those chats were really helpful. I do hope more on-line teacher start using them.  Thank you very much for the knowledge and very enjoyable class,

TM-Fall2012-Javascript:  I would like to take a moment to say what a great semester this has been and what a pleasure it has been to be in this class with all of you, I have learned so much and have enjoyed viewing everyone's sites.  Jil, you are an amazing instructor and I can't wait to start the next semester with you. 

CH-Fall2012-JavaScript:  To be honest I was a little overwhelmed at the beginning of the semester with the all the new material that was being introduced. As the semester went on you and the class allowed me to develop a better understanding of what was being taught and what I should be gathering from the material. I wish I had more time to join the chats because the few that I did really helped but with my job and everything else I have going on it wasn't an option. I really enjoyed how flexible the class was and it made for a less stressful and better learning experience in my mind. I gathered so much in such a short time from this course and its hard to believe its over. I hope to be your student again in the semesters to come and gain more of your knowledge of the web for I know that it can't all be taught in a few short months.

Final Class Evals - Summer 2012 -JavaScript:  I have been thoroughly challenged with this course to try and gain a understanding of client and server side languages. I have learned a lot.

Spring 2013 - Digital Books - Jil is an amazing instructor! I have taken several classes from her and learn more every single time.  I am a technically-challenged, middle-age adult who has difficulty with many software programs. Yet Jil has successfully taught me -- both the basics of any program she instructs -- and the know-how to teach myself more.  I would recommend Jil in any class she teaches.  

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