Artist Resources

In the decades I have been creating, I have tried many supplies from various suppliers. After being disappointed and frustrated by many of these, I have finally found dependable vendors and consistently high-quality materials. 

Ostrich Eggs:

Goose Eggs and Egg Decorating Supplies:

Sculpture Tools and Supplies:

Jewelry Supplies:

Reed and Basket Weaving Supplies:

English Bridle Leather Strapping:

I use these resources and highly recommend them for purchasing supplies.
I do not have any relation with any of these suppliers other than as a satisfied customer.

Suggested Supplies for Beginning Pysanky

If you would like to try dying eggs with the pysanky wax-resist method, I would suggest the following supplies to get you started. Click on any links below to order items you may not have.
  • Clean chicken eggs from your grocery market. Choose eggs with no hairline cracks, bumps or blemishes. Wash them in warm water and dish detergent, rinse thoroughly and dry completely. Do not blow them out.
  • Pie plate covered with aluminum foil.
  • A wide candle placed in the center of the covered pie plate.
  • Matches.
  • Paper towels.
  • Drop cloth or newspapers to protect your table or work surface.
  • Pencil.
  • A chunk of beeswax.
  • A kistka, or stylus for drawing with wax. A medium tip is a great way to start.
  • Food coloring, Rit dye or specially formulated egg dye. I would suggest starting with yellow, orange, red, light green, royal blue and black. Follow the directions on the dye package, and be sure to cool completely before using.
  • Glass or plastic containers large enough to hold several chicken eggs. Only half-fill the containers with dye. 
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