Assistant Professor of Finance

Research Interests: Corporate Finance, Law and Economics, Culture, Governance, Innovation, FinTech, Intellectual Property 
Email: jillian.grennan@duke.edu 
Phone: (202) 265-6111 
Address: Duke University, 100 Fuqua Drive, Durham, NC 27708, Office W419 

Academic Publications 
Grennan, J., 2018, Dividend Payments as a Response to Peer Influence, Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming.

Working Papers

(with John Graham, Campbell Harvey, and Shiva Rajgopal)

(with John Graham, Campbell Harvey, and Shiva Rajgopal)

(with Roni Michaely and Christopher Vincent)

(with Ufuk Akcigit and David Abrams)

(with Roni Michaely)

Bank Culture and Regulatory Supervision
(with Christine Dobridge)

Policy-oriented Publications

(published by Brookings Institution Governance Studies, April 2016)

Some of my research is featured in:
(published by the Big Innovation Centre and sponsored by the Bank of England among others in May 2016)

(published by the Aspen Institute in January 2017)