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Since 2004 I have been publishing a blog called Ruby Street.

On it I have included a number of poems - some fragmentary or draft(y), some near a final form. I am giving them a place of their own on these pages, taking them out of the blog context. They are largely unedited, but may have headings added, some adjustments made for punctuation and emendations as appropriate.

I am not including any poems which have been published in various places or poems that are currently seeking publication. And if any of these poems are to be subsequently published elsewhere, I'll remove them from this site.

I am categorising them, in some senses rather loosely, merely so the pages don't become too overwhelming to scroll through. Some will double up. It is a work in progress and I will add poems and categories as I get time and as things develop.

I will also gather together various links to other work of mine which is freely available online. I suppose this becomes a bit of a repository.

I may add other forms of work - say a podcast if I can ever get my technology around it - but for the moment am gradually adding the Ruby Street words.

I notice that the site does not render well with older versions of Safari, so may not with other browers. Seems OK in Firefox.

Let's see what happens.

Meanwhile, feel free to browse.

If you have comments, you can always contact me at jpjones dot ihug dot com dot au