Multimedia and Generative Vocabulary Learning

Jim Baumann (University of Missouri) and Ed Kame’enui (University of Oregon) are editing a second edition of Vocabulary Instruction: Research to Practice (forthcoming, Guilford Press) to be released in April 2012. 

In our chapter Using Multimedia to Support Students’ Generative Vocabulary Learning (Castek, Dalton, & Grisham, 2012) we suggest that the use of digital media in vocabulary learning should not only be receptive (e.g., viewing vocabulary graphics), but also generative (actively engaging students in using language and media to express themselves and to create products that represent their new knowledge). We assert that the act of creation supports ownership, introduces authentic reasons for learning, and tangibly links reading, writing, and communication in ways that mirror learning outside of school.


Castek, J., Dalton, B., & Grisham, D. (2012). Using multimedia to support generative vocabulary learning.  In J. Baumann and E. Kame’enui (Eds.) Vocabulary Instruction: Research to Practice (2nd ed.). New York, NY:  Guilford Press.

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