In fall 2012, Jill joined the Literacy, Language, and Technology Research Group at Portland State University as a Research Assistant Professor.  This team is focused on supporting digital literacy skills among adult learners. Formerly, Jill was a post-doctoral scholar with the Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading project at the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley. She earned a doctorate degree from the University of Connecticut where she was a Neag fellow in the New LiteraciesResearch Lab. Her classroom-based research examines digital tools and instructional techniques that support reading, writing, and content learning. She has in-depth knowledge of instructional strategies for supporting students in developing the skills and strategies needed to read, write, and collaborate online. Jill is an experienced literacy specialist and has decade of experience working with students in elementary and middle grades.  Jill is a contributor to the Literacy Beat blog that focuses on literacy teaching ideas that make the most of Web 2.0 technologies.  Co-bloggers include Bridget Dalton, Dana Grisham, Bernadette Dwyer and DeVere Woolsey.  This website provides access several of Jill's publications (see menu on the left) which cluster in the areas of:
  • Teacher Leadership and Technology
  • Using Multimedia for Generative Vocabulary Learning
  • Teaching Strategies for Critical Evaluation
  • Assessing Online Reading
  • Teaching Children's Literature with the Internet
    • Reading Teacher Articles (a publication of the International Reading Association)
    • Book Links Columns (a publication of the American Library Association)
    • California Reader Columns (a publication of the California Reading Association)