Jean Michel Cousteau Ambassador of the Environment and
NOVA Summer 2012 Program 
July 12 -24
 BIO 299 - Academic Credit (4 credits)
ENVR 1952-01N - Continuing Education Credit (5.8 credits)
Study Abroad In Fiji
Travel to Fiji with Dr Richard Murphy, marine biologist with Jean Michel Cousteau's Ocean Futures Society, and Jill Caporale, professor of biology at NOVA, to explore Marine and Terrestrial Ecology, Environmental Science, Cultural Values and Sustainable Living across the Curriculum. This course is geared for individuals of all disciplines and designed to increase your understanding of the ecological concepts and relationships between humanity and nature, with a focus on how our society can create more sustainable communities. 
There are no academic prerequisites, however, all participants must be in good physical condition, and since we snorkel the reefs, be a good swimmer. 
Cost: $2500 plus air and tuition
This course may be taken for either academic credit or credit through Continuing Education.
For further information, contact Jill Caporale at