Jihoon Ryoo | 류지훈 | 柳志勳

Assistant Professor of Department of Computer Science at SUNY Korea

Director of AI2S Lab , ICT CCP of SUNY Korea(명품인재사업)



  • Oct 2021, SR streaming research on CoNEXT 2021.

  • June 2021, My XR streaming research is granted for NRF(National Research Fund of Korea) basic.

  • June 2021, AI2S lab is selected as XR-LAB of Korea. (300K for 3years).

  • Dec 2020, AI2S lab research team won many competitions including 1) Prime Minister Award, 2) Minister Award, 3) City Mayor's Award x2 (국무총리상, 과기부장관상, 시장상x2)

  • June 2020, Our Page Load Time paper accepted on MobileHCI2020.

  • May 2020, my Ph.D. student Hoyoung and I won the "Seoul city challenge - GPS localization with SDR" and now our testBed is Seoul city! (awarded 30K + 30K for verification + 1M for start-up initiatives), software GPS technique is introduced 40 nationwide news media.

Research Interest

Wireless network improvement and its implementation on a real system, which spans the spectrum from understanding in communication theory, through network coding and physical parameter optimization, to practical issues with software radio and internet of things (IoT) especially for battery-less communication.

Research Projects

Granted Projects

  • 2021-2023, National XR-Lab initiatives - MSIT and RAPA(Ministry of Science and ICT and Korea Radio Promotion Association), PI

  • 2021-2023, XR streaming platform research - NRF(National Research Fund of Korea), PI

  • 2019-2021, AI robot based automatic inventory system - SMTECH(Ministry of Small and Medium Tech), PI

  • [COMPLETED]2020-2021, AI CCTV for public safety - ITP(Incheon Techno Park), PI

  • [COMPLETED] 2019-2020, Investigation on crowd-sourcing platform for autonomous driving data collection - TP(Incheon Techno Park), PI

  • [COMPLETED] 2019-2020, Visual analysis of the airplane's docking movement for AI control tower - TP(Incheon Techno Park), PI

  • [COMPLETED] 2019-2020, Development of AI traffic analyzer for smart city - TP(Incheon Techno Park), PI

  • [COMPLETED] 2017 - 2020, SALI360: Saliency-based 360 video streaming service — NRF(National Research Foundation), PI

  • [COMPLETED] 2018, OpenLTE platform implementation for 5G - TP(Incheon Techno Park), PI


  • Conference Committee

    • Organizing Committee of MobiSys 2019, Technical Program Committee of ICCCN 2019

  • Director of ICT CCP Program in SUNY Korea 2018-2020

  • Director of XR-Lab

Awards and Media

  • Dec 2020, My research team won the Incheon City Mayor award at S/W Hackathon (인천시장상)

  • Dec 2020, My research team won the Prime Minister award at ICT colloquium 2020 (과학기술정보통신부 장관상)

  • Nov 2020, My research team with on-campus-startup Mondrian AI won the Prime Minster award at Applied Data Competition (국무총리상 제8회범정부 공공데이터 대회)

  • May 2019, My Talk at ICT Forum was LIVE! on national TV. (YTN Science)

  • April 2019, My research group AI2S awarded by head of IITP (IITP 정보통신기획평가원 원장상) for our excellence research

  • April 2019, My Ph.D. student Duin Baek awarded by head of IITP (IITP 정보통신기획평가원 원장상) for his excellence research

Selected Papers Since 2015

Disclaimer: These papers are made available as a means to ensure timely dissemination of scholarly and technical work on a non-commercial basis. Copyright and all rights therein are maintained by the authors or by other copyright holders, notwithstanding that they have offered their works here electronically. It is understood that all persons copying this information will adhere to the terms and constraints invoked by each author's copyright. These works may not be reposted without the explicit permission of the copyright holder.

See my google scholar profile for a complete list of publications and h-index.

  • ACM MobileHCI 2020, Modeling User-Centered Page Load Time for Smartphones — [PDF,TALK]

  • ACM MMSys 2020, SALI360: Design and Implementation of Saliency based Video Compression for 360 Video Streaming — [PDF,SLIDE,TALK,GIT]

  • ACM MobiSys 2020, Gateway over the Air: Towards Pervasive Internet Connectivity for Commodity IoT — [PDF,TALK]

  • IEEE ICASSP 2019, RF-based Analytics generated by Tag-to-Tag networks — [PDF]

  • ACM MobiSys 2018, BARNET: Activity Recognition using Passive Backscattering Tag-to-Tag Network — [PDF,SLIDE,TALK]

  • USENIX NSDI 2017, Improving User Perceived Page Load Time Using Gaze — [PDF,SLIDE,TALK]

  • ACM MMSys 2016, Design and Evaluation of a Foveated Video Streaming Service for Commodity Client Devices — [PDF,SLIDE]

  • ACM MSWiM 2015, Phase-based Ranging of RFID Tags with Applications to Shopping Cart Localization — [PDF,SLIDE]

  • IEEE DySPAN 2015, Design and Implementation of an End-to-End Architecture for 3.5GHz Shared Spectrum — [PDF,SLIDE]

  • IETF Internet Draft 2015, Protocol to Tiered Access for Shared Spectrum (PTASS) — [PDF]


  • CSE310 Computer Networks 2019F-2021F

  • CSE373 Analysis of Algorithms 2017F-2021F

  • CSE570 Wireless and Mobile Networks 2018S, 2021S

  • CSE658 Seminar on Mobile and Wireless Networking 2018F-2021F

  • CSE327 Fundamentals of Computer Vision 2019S - 2021S

  • CSE527 Introduction to Computer Vision 2019S - 2021S

  • EMP530 AI for Everyone 2019SU


Working Experience