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You have reached the web page of Jigoku Dojo Scotland (est. 1988)
Style practiced: Kyokushin Budokai (All-Round Fighting), Kyokushin Budokai Goshin Do, K1, Submission Wrestling, Japanese Jiu Jitsu and Traditional Wrestling

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As it says above, welcome! This is the home site of the Jigoku Dojo, one of Scotland’s most eclectic and original martial arts clubs. While the Jigoku Dojo has been through a series of metamorphoses within its structure, its modus operandi has always been true to the pragmatic outlook of its founder Marc Howes Hanshi (8th Dan). He sees the incremental stages that the Dojo has gone through as logical steps towards a more practical and effective martial art. Throughout his martial arts journey, Hanshi has always been drawn towards the more pragmatic styles, from kickboxing in 1983, then moving onto knockdown karate (see Hanshi’s old photos and videos) and more recently adapting Kyokushin Budokai’s formidable fighting system into Goshin Do (see below).


Now training out of Bodyworx Gym: ‘Small Gym, Big Results’ (2, Jopps Lane - behind John Lewis)

The Jigoku Dojo nows offers three interlinked, but separate systems:

K1, run by Nerjus ‘Rocky’ Vegys, who has already brought WKA Scottish and British belts to the dojo. K1 is a fast full contact system, see here for further details: K1 Information

All-Round Fighting, run by all the instructors, this is the daddy of all karate systems. The fighter wears protective headguards (to prevent face trauma) and a karate suit. In this style you can headbutt, elbow, punch, kick and knee an opponent. There are also two 30 seconds groundfighting allowed and a ten second suit grip for ‘holding and hitting’! It really is Scotland’s toughest karate!

Finally there is Kyokushin Budokai Goshin Do, taught by Hanshi. A pragmatic traditional Japanese self-defence course with readings and text books, with great emphasis on Budo. It’s not a leisure pursuit, it’s more of a lifestyle choice. See here for further details: Goshin Do Information



So in conclusion, if you are looking for more out of your martial art, if you wish to join a club and system that has a proven history, if you have an interest in the philosophies of the East, including, of course Budo and if you enjoy a relaxed, intelligent, structured environment that encouraged learning and participation, then maybe, just maybe, this is the Dojo for you.

(Which is what this Kanji says!)