English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Russian & Chinese
For other languages please contact us as we might be able to assist you. 
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We shape and mould your requirements in order to prepare a first class document and project in the language of your taste.

Our translation services are always the product of a teamOur native translators work together simultaneously on your document to ensure that it is uniquely suited to your specific needs.
  • As qualified linguist-lawyers we understand the law therefore we deliver a legal translation that requires minimal additional review. 
  • As qualified linguists we deliver exceptional business translation due to our strong international business backgrounds. 
In both cases a team of translators and editors, who are native in both the source and target language, work together at all stages to ensure a first class translation project ready to be used by you.

We specialise in English,French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian & Chinese which we are able to translate at a native level, whilst simultaneously being able to take into consideration the legal and business culture and context of the language. We are able to cast a native lawyer's eye over legal documents in any of these languages, bringing a unique understanding of the nuances of each source and target language and guaranteeing a high quality product.

Confidentiality is important to us:
Each project is assigned a reference code and put on our confidential online system so that no one else has access but you and us. This keeps your documents private at all times and gives you peace of mind.

Fluid communication is essential for us:
We send you confirmation, updates and keep you informed during all stages of the translation and edit.

We can also provide you with certified, sworn or legalized (with the Apostille) translations.

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As legal professionals we are up-to-date and informed on current legal language.

The process works as follows:

1- Submission of the document

2- Acknowledgment of receipt

3-Evaluation and quote (w/in 24 hours)

4- Acceptance of quote

5- Translation

6- Invoic

7- Delivery of translation

8- Feedback