JIGG Kanagawa


Pictured at left, the boardgame Carcassonne

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About Us

The JIGG Kanagawa Games Club is one of the largest wargames and roleplaying clubs in Japan!  This is the JIGG Club for Kanagawa Prefecture. We play games about history, politics, economics, science fiction and traditional games like chess and role playing games.   Some of the games we play are commonly called wargames. Visit our homepage to find other games clubs throughout Japan.We discuss games.   Many of our members live in Japan and play boardgames here.   But anyone with an interest in games, Japan, or the world may join.   Perhaps most of our members live abroad.  Visit our forum to learn what`s happening in our club.  For articles 

about playing games in Japan visit our blog!

Kevin Burns

Co-founder of JIGG