I am currently a member in the Scalable Computing Software Laboratory. I worked on projects which are related to  high performance computing and fault tolerance. A former topic was to modify the BLCR & PVFS in order to reduce the contention during checkpointing. You may find detailed information here

Recently, I am working on some interesting project about evaluating the possibility of running MPI program on data-intensive file system. The data-intensive file systems I worked with are  Hadoop Distributed File System and KFS



I am also an active member of WordPress with two plugins published worldwide and received over 30000 of downloads. You can find my profile here.

Virtual Campus

I took the class CS 597 at IIT on Spring 2011. The project was sponsored by Navteq and the goal was to rebuild the IIT main campus in 3D. I was mainly responsible for the UI design and development. The platform was based on Google Earth. To enhance the user experience, CTA bus prediction, room availability and office hour are provided. You can have a look at the functions I developed on the video below.