About me

 Jian Li  (李健

 PhD, Lecturer,National University of Defense Technology 
 Email:lijian.nudt@gmail.com;  lijian@nudt.edu.cn
 Personal Webpages: http://www.escience.cn/people/jianli/index.html
 Research Interests:   Visual attention , Computer Vision , Pattern Recognition ,                                        Machine Learning                                    
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Currently I am a lecturer at National University of Defense Technology. I have received the B.E. degree, the M.E. degree and the Ph Degree from National University of Defense Technology (NUDT), Changsha, P.R. China. From Jan 2010 to Jan 2011,  I was a visiting Ph.D. student (Academic Trainee) at Center for Intelligent Machines (CIM) in McGill University under the supervision of Prof. Martin Levine.

  • McGill saliency databse ImgSal v1.o is available again.
  • Saccade data is released now.
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