Principal Investigator

Dr. Jiandi Wan

Assistant Professor
Microsystems Engineering
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY, 14623


Office: 17-2159
Phone: 585-475-7726

PhD., Boston University
Postdoctoral, Harvard University
Research Associate, Princeton University

Welcome to the WAN Research Group

The broad objective of our research is to explore multiphase processes spanning from fluid dynamics, biological activities, to chemical reactions. Microfluidics together with nanofabrication provides controlled transport and interfacial dynamics, and therefore offers a wealth of ways to harness the multiphase processes at the microscale. Our group thus takes microfluidics and nanofabrication as the main technical approaches to investigate emerging challenges in multiphase processes. Particularly, we are interested in microvascular blood flow, multiphase flow including micrometer diameter gas bubbles, liquid droplets, and nano/microparticles for synthesis of drug delivery materials, and photocatalytic multiphase reactions. Our mission is to understand fundamental scientific questions and develop novel nano/microtechnologies, devices, and materials for improved biomedical therapeutics and clean energy production.

Select Publications

  1. Wan, J., Forsyth, A. M., and Stone, H. A. (2011) Red blood cell dynamics: from cell deformation to adenosine-5'-triphosphate release. Integr. Biol. 3, 972- 981. Invited Review.
  2. Forsyth A. M., Wan, J., Owrutsky, P.D., Abkarian, M., and Stone, H. A. (2011) A multiscale approach to link red blood cell dynamics, shear viscosity, and ATP release. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, 108, 10986-10991.
  3. Subramaniam, A. B., Wan, J., Gopinath, A., and Stone, H. A. (2011) Clay vesicles: Properties and emergent compartmentalization in a self-assembling system. Soft Matter. 7, 2600–2612.
  4. Wan, J., and Stone, H. A. (2010) Microfluidic generation of a high volume fraction of bubbles in droplets. Soft Matter. 6, 4677-4680. Cover Story.
  5. Wan, J., Thomas, M., and Vullev, V. I. (2009) Surface bound proteins with preserved functionality. Ann. Biomed. Eng. 37, 1190-1205.
  6. Wan, J., Ristenpart, W. D., and Stone, H. A. (2008) Dynamics of shear-induced ATP release from red blood cells. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA. 105, 16432-16437.
  7. Wan, J., Bick, A., Sullivan, M., and Stone, H. A. (2008) Controllable microfluidic production of microbubbles in water-in-oil emulsions and the formation of porous microparticles. Adv. Mater. 20, 3314-3318.
  8. Wan, J., Ferreira, A., Xia, W., Chow, C. H.,  Takechi, K., Kamat, P. V., Jones II, G., and Vullev, V. I. (2008) Solvent dependence of the charge-transfer properties of a quaterthiophene-anthraquinone dyad. J. Photochem. Photobiol. A: Chem. 197, 364-374.
  9. Ristenpart, W. D., Wan, J., and Stone, H. A. (2008) Enzymatic reactions in microfluidic devices. Anal. Chem. 80, 3270-3276.
  10. Vullev, V. I., Wan, J., Heinrich, V., Landsman, P., Bower, P. E., Xia, B.,  Millare, B., and Jones II, G. (2006) Nonlithographic fabrication of microfluidic devices. J. Am. Chem.  Soc. 128, 16062-16072

Bubbles in droplet

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