Breakthrough Innovation in IC package decapsulation

JIACO Instruments MIP decapsulation system is a breakthrough innovation: Automated atmospheric pressure Microwave-Induced-Plasma (MIP) decapsulation utilising O2-only recipes. The system has been proven for Cu, PdCu, Au, Ag bond wires and for advanced package types like 3D, SiP, WLCSP, high Tg, Chip on Board, BOAC; all without process induced damage for reliable failure analysis and quality control.

      MIP application range handles the most challenging decapsulation and failure analysis cases: 
  • HAST, HTS, TMCL stressed Cu, PdCu, Au, Ag wire packages        
  • Silver wire packages (new)
  • Wafer Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP) (new
  • High Tg mold compound (new) 
  • Film Over Wire (FOW) (new) 
  • Chip on Board (new) 
  • Electrical Overstress (EOS) failure sites
  • Surface contamination and corrosion
  • Wedge bonds exposure
  • 3D stacked-die IC package
  • Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) devices (new)
  • System in Package (SiP) (new)
  • Localized decapsulation (new)
  • Sensors with transparent mold compound (new)
  • Bond Over Active Circuit (BOAC) with exposed copper metallization (new)
  • Redistribution Layer (RDL) with PBO and copper metallization (new)
  • Other applications under R&D
      Access to original failure sites in IC package with increased accuracy, speed, and ease of use.