This is the webpage for the graduate-level Galactic Structure and Stellar Dynamics (AS.171.615) taught in the Spring 2012 
by Profs. Nadia Zakamska and Brice Ménard.

The class will take place Wed and Fri at 9:30-10:45 in Bloomberg 511. 

The required textbooks for this class are:
Galactic Dynamics (Binney, J., Tremaine, S.)
Galactic Astronomy (Binney, J., Merrifield, M.)

If you are an undergraduate and you want to take this class, please contact us with a list of all math, computer science and physics classes you have taken. This is an advanced course. 

We are planning to have numerical experiments as assignments for this class. Contact us if you do not have access to pha.jhu.edu machines with the necessary software (primarily IDL).