This is a weekly meeting of students and faculty in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine to discuss recent results in the study of sensorimotor systems of the brain.  All are welcome to come.

What can I present?

Presentations generally fall into the following categories:
  • Your data: We welcome presentations on your data, providing an opportunity to gain feedback on work in progress.
  • Recent or classic papers: These presentations should include statements on why this paper is relevant and take home message.
  • Topic reviews or themed seminars: This can include an overview of a series of related papers around a common theme. 

How can I subscribe to the mailing list?

Head to https://lists.johnshopkins.edu/sympa/subscribe/sensorimotor 
(Note that some firewalls - KKI for instance - will prevent you from accessing this page. If so, try using your mobile phone or home computer).


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