Welcome to the JHU Science Club


Start of year club meeting is on September 3rd, 2011 in Marylander 837.

The next club meeting is on April 24th, 2011 in Carlyle 15G. We will be discussing trivia questions for our last activity. Have a good weekend!

The list of experiments have been updated and a separate page listing the executive board has been made. These is a club meeting today in Carlyle 15G at 6PM. Have a good rest of your weekend!

There are updated meeting minutes from this week. There is no science club meeting this upcoming Sunday!!! New pages will be added to reflect various positions within the club. Stay tuned!

There will be NO SCIENCE CLUB this Friday and NO SCIENCE CLUB MEETING this upcoming Sunday. Check out the meeting notes for details.

Edwin needs help transferring the new supplies from the Center of Social Concern on Friday at 12:30PM. We will be making ice cream this week. Reminder to all members: there is a meeting in Carlyle 15G at 6PM on Sunday 02/27/11.

A new page has been added for our Psychology Experiments. Meeting notes have been updated on the website. There will be another meeting in Carlyle 15G at 6PM on Sunday 02/20/11. Change: meeting is moved to 5PM due to midterm review sessions scheduled during our regular club meeting. Good luck with your midterms!

Last Sunday was the first meeting of the semester. This Friday (02/11/11) will be the first science club visit to the elementary school. The plan of action is to utilize the Mendel Pea kits. There will be a meeting on Sunday 02/13/11 in Carlyle 15G at 6PM. For club memebers: meeting notes from the last meeting have been update on the website.

Science Club will have no more meetings for the rest of the semeseter.

New page added for week 4 experiment Raft Construction. Pictures added.
Also, the club charter has been updated with the responsibilities of each person the club and the requirements for club positions.

There will be a meeting on 11/07/10 in Carlyle 15G at 6PM to discuss experiments for 11/12/10.

There WILL be a meeting 10/31/10 during the regular time. The meeting will be kept short due to Halloween festivities.

Quick contact information

Location: Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Maryland
President's E-mail: slam5@jhu.edu