This site is intended as an introductory guide to some of the museum opportunities for undergraduates with a focus on Baltimore and surrounding cities. It is NOT comprehensive, and students are encouraged to seek out other positions on their own. Applicants should be sure to check with host institutions regarding details of positions and application requirements.

Undergraduates interested in receiving credit for an internship must check with their advisor and with the most recent Hopkins policies on Independent Work (note that credit is never given for paid internships). Should credit be possible, students will need to find a faculty sponsor. Please be respectful of faculty, making arrangements well in advance of beginning the internship. 

Some funding is available from JHU sources. The Second Decade Society has funds of up to $5,000 to help students accept unpaid internships that might otherwise be out of their financial reach. The deadline is usually around March 1. http://krieger.jhu.edu/sds/summerinternships.html. The Dean's Undergraduate Research Awards program allows students to compete for grants in the range of $500 to $3,000 to support senior thesis research or work as a research assistant for a faculty member. The program will fund up to 25 students annually in 2011-2012.

Questions about positions listed here should be directed to the host museum.  General questions about museum internships can be directed to Dr. Jennifer P. Kingsley, Lecturer and Administrator of Academic Program in Museums & Society jkingsley@jhu.edu or Dr. Elizabeth Rodini, Director of Program in Museums & Society, erodini@jhu.edu.

The complete internships list is here.  Follow the link within each listing for more detailed information. The list is updated when museums update their postings. Past deadlines should be used as a general guideline to when applications will be due for the following year.

Check the News page for new opportunities that arise throughout the year, and help with finding internships elsewhere online.