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Object Orientation

        Before getting into Object orientation, we will consider one small scenario which happens in our daily world. Take a look on your every day work for a minute.

        We are waking up everyday, having tea and breakfast, going for a work/college, meeting colleagues/classmates, reading, sleeping, etc. What it means? Simply we are doing something everyday. Why? All are defined in such a way that everything is going smoothly. Ok. Let's stop our imagination of our daily work. Why everyday work example in object orientation study?

        Answer is very obvious. We are going to study about Objects!!!



        Everything is object in this world. Human, Animals, Tables, Machines, etc. You can get so many objects in the world when you think on that properly. What makes an object? Simply, Object is a collection of Attributes/properties and actions related to it. For an example, name, age, color, height and weight of an human are all attributes and we will eat, work, speak, etc are all Actions taken by us. So, human is an obvious example for Object and its study.

         Object orientation is a best methodology of studying requirements or for any analyses. Previously we were used some other methodologies which never fulfill our requirement. Object orientation is rich and robust in its design concepts. Also, Object orientation answers or solves the major problem of Software applications development called requirement change.

       Its time for us to learn more about Object orientation, its programming, concepts and its design.