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What do you mean by Database?

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Hi folks! Database is a buzz word in the Software Industry. It has the history starts from 1960s. Currently, Almost all the software companies in the world is using the Database as their main key for success.

What do you mean by Database?

This is a abstract question posed to all. We can summarize Database in many forms. There are many usages as well as definitions to Database in the current world.

Simply, Database is a collection of information like Family detail, Student detail, User information of my website, etc.

Let me take a minute from you to explain what do you mean by Database by an example. For my future success, I am in need of the user's information who are visiting my page; I need to send a mail to inform them about my new article. So there i am in need of some information of the user like Name, E-mail, Age, etc.

Name: Jack;E-mail:; Age: 23;

This is one of my user who visits my website often! I need to tell Jack that i have added this Database page as new. Obviously i must possess his mail id.

I can have this into some file (CSV) like Jack,,23; But if i want to keep lakhs and lakhs of users and often if i want to see some users information then imagine the complexity!

Thanks to the Technology! There is a way to maintain this information.!  


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Before that understand the need of Database to appreciate the concept!

Let's start with your learning on Database, Database Management Systems and it's usage.


CSV - Comma Separated Value.