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 That´s me taking a break at Lemmenjoki (LEM264)
Latest QSL´s and catches:
September 19th, 2009:
After receiving several request I finally managed to open a blog at http://jhudxing.blogspot.com/ - you´re welcome to visit there and subscribe it as in the future I will no longer update latest QSL´s or catches at this site. The loggings will be still updated here until I figure out how to move them too elsewhere. So, I´m gradually singing off here ...
September 15th, 2009:
A very nice e-mail reply today from WZRC New York, NY - 1480 AM. I heard this one on my LEM147-pedition in 2001 when they were still broadcasting in Korean. That was my New Yorker number 38!
Also later in the evening very much wanted e-mail-reply from Tyrone Community Radio - 1512 AM. Tnx JMS for helping with this one!!
Also a snail-mail reply today from Radio Thailand, Saraburi - 891 AM.
September 14th, 2009:
Mail from China; First e-mail message from Beijing PBS, Beijing - 1026 AM and then snail-mail from CRI confirming reception of their Kunming (1080 AM), Xuanwei (1188 AM) and Lhasa (1323 AM) stations. Also received letter from Radio Taiwan International, Kouhu - 1089 AM.
September 13th, 2009:
Today I got an e-mail-reply from Radio Sandviken, Sandviken - 89,9 MHz. That was my 50th Swedish-FM-QSL!
And last night I found two new Japanese stations for me from LEM264-recordings; JOVR SBS, Shizuoka - 1404 AM and JOKF RNC, Takamatsu - 1449 AM. LEM264 PERSEUS -loggings are now again updated daily ...
September 11th, 2009:
Finally some time to update this site ... Greetings from the Canary Islands! The vacation was as relaxing as it can be with wife and three children - visited many swimming pools, aquaparks and shopping centers, burned a little bit of my skin - and of course scanned the local FM-dial ... the scan results will be on this site later on.
But well, back to business; some really nice replies came while I was away - here they are:
Snail-mail: BCC Taichung - 720 AM, R Nepal, Surkhet - 576 AM and Kathmandu - 792 AM, Radio Thailand, Khon Kaen - 621 & 648 AM, JOBO KBS Maizuru - 1215 AM and a reply from KBS HQ in Seoul confirming reception of HLKC KBS Gaebong - 639 AM, HLKA KBS Sorae - 711 AM, HLKA KBS Yeoju - 756 AM, HL.. KBS Kimpo - 1134 AM and HLCO KBS Cheorwon - 1395 AM (the ones that don´t have local addresses in WRTH).
E-mails: HLCP KBS Pohang - 1035 AM, IRIB Radio Kerman, Kerman - 1062 AM, Suzhou BS, Suzhou -1080 AM.
Also received two T-shirts from KUAM Agana - 630 AM; "Team KUAM" and "Think Green" -t-shirts. This station confirmed my reception earlier last year and now they most kindly send me those T-shirts later on. Very nice people at a very nice station!!!!
September 1st, 2009:
Snail-mail-day! A letter from STV Radio from Sapporo confirming the reception of JOXS STV Nemuro - 1062 AM and JOWL STV Asahikawa etc - 1197 AM at LEM264. Also a registered letter from MBC Jeonju - they confirmed the reception earlier by e-mail. And couple of stickers from Favorit 103,9, Södertälje - nice add to my collection!
Tomorrow I will head for Canary Islands for one week holiday with my family, so there will be no updates on this site before 10th of September. Then hopefully I have lots of new QSL´s to inform about and also hopefully some news concerning local radios in Canary Islands and surrounding area ... we´ll see!
August 31st, 2009:
Today I got a EMS-package from HLAP MBC, Masan - 990 AM. Nice!
August 27th, 2009:
Only one for today; JOKB NHK-2 Okayama - 1386 AM snail-mail with nice QSL-letter and post cards. This was my 90th verified Japanese station!
August 26th, 2009:
The QSL´s seems to come in pairs ... two again today! First Lao National Radio, Vientiane - 567 AM and then HLCT MBC Daegu - 810 AM, both with e-mails.
August 25th, 2009:
Two really nice QSL´s today: first HLCX MBC Jeonju - 855 AM with very friendly e-mail response from the technical department promising also snail-mail response later, and then a snail-mail-reply from AFN, Iwakuni - 1575 AM confirming the reception. Unfortunately I didn´t hear AFN Iwakuni local programming, but this is the most powerful of the AFN-stations on this frequency and their location fit perfectly to the conditions we had that day as the other AFN´s are located further north of Japan. Hopefully someday I will hear their local programming, too!
The first set of snail-mail-reports have been on their way for two weeks now, so hopefully more QSL´s will come later this week. : )
August 21st, 2009:
Today I got e-mail-QSLs from Skärgårdsradion, Stockholm - 90,2 MHz and V97 R Vallentuna, Vallentuna - 97,5 MHz ... and some more nice Asian stations to LEM264-PERSEUS-log!
We had also Tropo-conditions this morning and late in the evening. Nothing spectacular though ...
August 20th, 2009:
One nice e-mail reply today; RNE-1 Extremadura, Badajoz - 648 AM. Also got some promotional matters by snail-mail from BBC Sussex!
August 19th, 2009:
Two Swedish FM-QSLs today: Star FM, Stockholm - 101,9 MHz and Favorit 103,9, Södertälje - 103,9 MHz.
August 18th, 2009:
A lot has happened today! First I want to thank JMS, JJK and MR for helping to solve couple of UNID stations.
Then news from the mailbox; a very nice snail-mail-reply from Radio 538, Hulsberg - 891 AM including T-shirt, beanie, pens, stickers etc. Nice!!
And e-mails today: Radio Teos, Sankt Petersburg - 1089 AM, BBC Sussex, Bexhill - 1161 AM, Antena Brasoluvui, Brasov - 1197 AM (from HQ in Târgu Mures), XFM, London - 104,9 FM.
Not a bad day at all ...
August 17th, 2009:
During the last week I´ve been writing more reports and trying to get them mailed. Slowly things are happening.
Two QSLs came today; Asian Sound Radio, Haslingden - 963 AM and Russkoe Radio, Tallinn - 90,6 MHz. That e-mail from Asian Sound Radio was very much appreciated as I tried to get them QSLed back in 1990´s so many times without luck.
August 10th, 2009:
A really nice surprise today was a snail-mail-reply from Desi Radio, Southall - 1602 AM. Great!!! And soon after that came an e-mail from Celtic Music Radio, Glasgow - 1530 AM confirming the reception.
LEM264-Perseus-Log is updated daily. Really nice catches found almost every day - latest ones 684-Radio Beograd, 1197-Qiqihar RGD and 4870-RRI Wamena.
Today I mailed over 50 snail-mail-reports mainly to Asia and Southern Europe, so in couple of weeks should some results be expected ...  : )
August 5th, 2009:
Really busy going through LEM264 -files, before I have to consentrate to my work again. Results are updated on LEM264-PERSEUS -log.
Couple of replies during the last couple of days; Radio 538, Hulsberg - 891 AM, Radio Tsentr, Kurkino - 1503 AM and WOAM Peoria, IL - 1350 AM.
July 28th, 2009:
A snail-mail reply came yesterday from Radio Maria, Le Col de la Madonne - 1467 AM. It is truly nice that there still are stations that are willing to repond by snail-mail!
Todays e-mail; Radio Zvezda, Sankt Petersburg - 1440 AM, Radio Tirgu Mures - 1593 AM, WHKT Portsmouth, VA - 1650 AM and Stockholm Närradio 88,0 MHz.
Other than that in last couple of days I have gone through lots of LEM264 -Asia-files. Some interesting new stuff has come up but nothing as fabulous as those Korea -conditions we had on the 14th of October. The log will be updated in real time as the project proceeds.
July 25th, 2009:
Only one QSL since last time; Energy Power AM 1395.
Some new LEM264 European and Asian loggings are now added here: LEM264 - Perseus
July 22nd, 2009:
New QSLs;
BBC Surrey, Bexhill-on-Sea - 1368 AM
WNKR - 1476 AM
KBZZ Reno, NV - 1270 AM
Rocket FM, Stockholm - 95,3 MHz
Also received snail mail from BBC Suffolk and Magyar Katolikus Radio with some really nice stuff like pens and stickers.
In the message I received from WNKR was said that in the future the possibilities to receive their station are worse because of the new Spanish 24 hour station on the frequency. I had no knowledge of such station. The second message said the station is Euskadi Irratia, San Sebastián. So, they are now on 1476 AM! JMS confirmed this and told me that also 1386 AM has been taken over by this station. That will surely make RSLing there much more difficult in the future.
The last couple of days I have been going through Asian recordings on LEM264. I though that we didn´t have much of a conditions towards Asia, but boy, was I wrong! Seemingly we had really great conditions towards Koreas, Southern Japan and surrounding China coast. So far I have found f.ex. 14 South Korean stations that according to FDXA´s statistics have not been logged in Finland this century, and some really nice Chinese stations, too.
I will try to get some loggings online in a couple of days...
July 17th, 2009:
Here are the QSLs received during the last two days;
Radio Timisoara - 630 AM
Järva Närradio, Stockholm - 88,4 MHz
Show Radyo, Istanbul - 89,9 MHz
Södertälje Närradio, Södertälje - 91,1 MHz
SR Radio Gotland, Visby - 100,2 MHz
Bandit Rock 106,3, Stockholm - 106,3 MHz
And some new stations (for me) found on LEM264 -recordings:
585 - China Southeast BC, Fuzhou
594 - Myanma R, Yangon (tnx JMS for help!)
828 - Beijing News Radio, Beijing
1098 - Sor Wor Phor, Songkhla
1269 - Radio Asia 1269 AM, Ras al Khaimah
1305 - Galei Zahal
... and the search goes on!
July 14th, 2009:
It´s really nice to get much e-mail! Not a bad day today either;
AM-QSLs of today were Radio Baltic Waves - 612 AM and Radio Chine Internationale, Monaco - 702 AM. FM-QSLs were Spin FM, Tallinn - 88,3 MHz and BBC Radio Suffolk - 95,9 MHz.
Otherwise really busy day. Tomorrow I will start listening to LEM264 "tapes" again ... hopefully exciting news again tomorrow!
July 13th, 2009:
Lots of QSLs today. Day started with second QSL from KTTO Spokane, WA - 970 AM.
And as I finally managed to send out the first reports of my Åland expedition, the QSL´s started pouring in; Magyar Katolikus Radio 810/1341 AM was the first one with nice reply in Finnish! I don´t have many of these - if I remember correctly I have only one other from a station in Wisconsin back in the 1990´s. Anyway, really nice reply!
Soon after that came COPE Jaén - 1143 AM. That´s my Iberian QSL number 170. They have a nice QSL-letter which was attached with the message.
And then came yet two NA-QSL to end the day; KBGG Des Moines, IA - 1700 AM (thanks OJS for info!!!) and KWDZ Salt Lake City, UT - 910 AM (thanks HS for info!!!).
July 12th, 2009:
Finally got all Åland recordings checked. The highlights of that expedition turned out to be the Irish and U.K. pirates Energy Power AM-1395, WNKR-1476 and TCR-1512. No new RSL´s, but Celtic Music Radio-1530 was definately one of the highlights, too. And not to forget the Spanish stations; COPE Jaén 1143 and COPE Lleida 1224 - for me it is very difficult to find new Spanish stations, so all new ones are special occasions.
The most wanted U.K. stations for me are the two AM BBC stations that I still haven´t been able to catch; BBC R Cornwall-630/657 and BBC R Sheffield-1035. No trace of Sheffield during the whole week, but on 657 AM at nighttime I was able to hear twice BBC 5 Live -identification while BBC R Wales was broadcasting BBC WS, so it gave me lots of hope that hearing BBC R Cornwall is actually possible given the perfect conditions.
RSL frequencies were very crowded this time. 1350 AM was complitely dominated by Radio Orient. On 1386 AM Carillon Radio and Anker Radio were audible every night, but no other stations. 1287 AM was dominated by three Cadena SER stations - once I hear couple of seconds English there, but no ID. 1602 AM is Seagull Radio or Radio Vitória, always.
In total, I´m satisfied with the results. Keeping in mind that this expedition took place in late April, which is not a good time for an expedition, I was pleased to catch some new ones. Maybe I should do this again in late September or in October?
July 10th, 2009:
Wow! Thousand visits to this site since I activated the calculator! Thanks everybody!!! It´s great to know that somebody´s visiting here ...
Anyway, nice e-mail reply today from WXCE Amery, WI - 1260 AM. My 37th WI-QSL and one of the rare ones from this quite difficult NA-fq.
Åland recordings now almost checked - found today WNKR - West and North Kent Radio - 1476 AM from last nights (1st of May) recordings. Even though it´s a "pirate" station, this was one that I really wanted to hear and was thrilled to find it! Hopefully I will still get confirmation ...
July 8th, 2009:
Snail-reply from KTCR Kennewick, WA - 1340 AM was received today. WA-QSL number 73 and 40th NA-QSL on 1340 AM!
July 7th, 2009:
Nice FM-conditions to Turkey, Romania etc. on the 6th of July. Loggings coming later ...
One very nice QSL today from KGYN Guymon, OK - 1210 AM. Great!
June 26th, 2009:
One reply today: KFOX Torrance, CA - 1650 AM.
June 25th, 2009:
Two QSLs; XEUT Tijuana BC - 1630 AM with nice snail-mail reply including certification and lots of other stuff - really nice. My Mexican QSL number 70!
Also nice reply to an quite old follow-up report to WNHC New Haven, CT - 1340 AM. WNHC went bankcrup in late 1990´s and the station was taken over by the University of Yale. I heard WNHC in december 1994 when it was a local African-American community radio for New Haven area. Now they have calls WYBC and programming is aimed for the students of Yale. I haven´t been able to trace anyone of the old WNHC staff, so this reply from WYBC was the only way to get this one. Not the most satisfactory way though, I have to admit.
Lots of updates made to Åland 2009 AM log. I hope to get those files checked by the end of June, so I can get back to those very interesting LEM264 files that are still waiting for checking.
June 19th, 2009:
I have now made updates on our LEM264 -log as well, you can find them here - Perseus. Hopefully I will have time in July to continue checking those LEM264 -files. Still going through the last two days of Åland 2009-pedition.
One QSL came yesterday; SR Radio Jämtland 102,2 confirmed my report with two nice and big photos of their studio building. Also received a very nice and handy SR-mini-FM-radio.
June 14th, 2009:
First Es-conditions for me this summer - about 30 minutes of some U.K. stations; I was able to identify two new ones for me: 104,9 XFM, London and 95,9 BBC Radio Suffolk. Hopefully better and longer conditions will follow ...
I have also done some major changes to this site - you can see them by visiting "loggings" and "statistics" sections (and other sections too). And yes, Åland Islands AM log is now there. It is still not complete - I still have Perseus files of 2 days to be checked.
June 13th, 2009:
Finally got FM-antennas installed - now I have 8-el-horizontal-yagi and 5-el-vertical-yagi ready for action!
What else, hmmm ... I have been listening to Perseus recordings from my Åland Islands trip and I´m now a little over the half way - no big surprises yet. Best catches so far are Celtic Music Radio - 1530 AM and COPE Jaén - 1143 AM.
And only one QSL since last time; Radio Viking, Ekerö - 101,4 MHz with really nice letter and QSL-card. V/s is NJ, ex-DXer from Sweden whom I had a pleasure of meeting once in the 1990´s. Now NJ works at Radio Viking as a presenter. Thanks a lot for a nice reply, NJ!!
Åland -log and pictures coming up very soon!
June 4th, 2009:
Little update; only two more FM-QSL´s from Sweden: Radio Sydväst 88,9 and Radio Roslagen 107,8. It´s now been a month since I sent the reports and 5 out of 27 has replied .... "Stockholm, I think we have a problem!" ...
On AM; two QSLs since last I wrote: about a week ago I got a e-mail from Rádio Novo Tempo, Salvador BA - 920 AM and today I got a very nice e-mail from XELK Zacatecas, ZC - 830 AM.
I should get my FM-antennas installed next week which means that I´m finally able to do some DXing at my home.
May 19th, 2009:
It´s been a while ... I haven´t had done much lately, DX-wise, but today I got three nice QSLs.
First one came from KEVT Sahuarita, AZ - 1210 La Raza - I heard them for the first time in November 1995 with calls KQTL and since then I have tried to get them to confirm the reception. Today the persistance finally paid off when I received a very nice e-mail-message from Mr. Fabricio Caro.
Another nice surprise was a letter from Radio Mexico in Chihuahua verifying my reception of XEPZ Ciudad Juarez, CH - 1190 AM and XEP Ciudad Juarez, CH - 1300 AM. Along with the letter came two nice stickers. This proves that there´s still point in sending snail-mail-reports ...
What I have managed to have done lately is that I got reports to 27 Swedish FM-stations sent two weeks ago and until now only three of them have replied. First one to reply was Mix Megapol 104,7 Örebro with nice letter, pin and stickers. Second one was Cityradion 102,7 in Gävle, and today came the third SR Radio Kalmar 102,7 with lots of really nice stuff. Hopefully there´s still more to come!!!
I have also started to plan installing FM-antennas to our rooftop. This should take place in two weeks and after that I hopefully can enjoy nice Es-conditions all over Europe.
All AM-files from Åland Islands is still untouched. And still lots of LEM264 -files, too.
And we (the LURX) are again planning autumn trip to Lapland for two weeks in October. Hopefully that will be confirmed soon!
May 5th, 2009:
Two nice QSLs today; first KMNS Sioux City, IA - 620 and then CJRS Montreal, QC - 1650 AM. 
May 4th, 2009:
Sorry for long delay in updating this site ... I had so much fun in Åland that I didn´t have time and energy to update the site. Anyways, at loggings -page you can already see all FM-loggings I was able to made with my Pioneer receiver and 8-el horizontal and 5-el vertical FM-antennas. Some of the stations were audible "all the time", most stations very often, but couple of stations (Närradios) were audible only occasionally.
I was able to erect 300 meter longwire to southwest and made some recordings with Perseus. I haven´t had time go through those files yet, but what I noticed in Åland was that at least 1386 Anker Radio and Radio Carillion were both coming quite powerfully one evening. I will try to check the files very soon.
April 24th, 2009:
Two really nice surprises today - or actually three: first got a reply from Sacred Heart Radio confirming my reception of KTTO Spokane, WA - 970 AM and KBLE Seattle, WA -1050 (tnx TUA for help!!!!) - my WA-QSLs no. 71 and 72 !
And then after tons of messages finally a reply from KFNZ Salt Lake City, UT - 1320 AM. That took so many years, letters and e-mails that I can´t even count ... anyway, really nice boosters for my expedition to Åland Islands which starts early tomorrow!!
April 22nd, 2009:
Today I got a nice reply from the owner of WITY Danville, IL - 980 AM. This was hear simultaneously with WSHY Lafayette, IN - 1410 AM and for a reason - these two towns are very close to each other on the opposite sides of Indiana-Illinois border. Once again nice and very local conditions which were noticed only after checking Perseus files.
April 20th, 2009:
A snail-mail reply for a change. RNE in Ciudad Real suprisingly replied to my letter sent three weeks ago with a sticker and a QSL-letter verifying my reception of RNE-1 Castilla La Mancha, Ciudad Real on 801 AM and RNE-1 Castilla La Mancha, Socúellamos on 864 AM. Both stations were heard on LEM248 and also on LEM264, but it took couple of letters before I got this reply. Still too many RNE-stations not replied ... back in 1990´s I had clean record on RNE-stations - every single station replied at least after a reminder - but now it seems really difficult to get any RNE -stations to reply. I don´t know if it´s the same with SER and COPE stations cause I haven´t sent any reports to them for years, but this Spanish DXing is really getting frustrating ...
Four more days to go before my trip to Åland Islands - I´m hoping to catch some really BIG pikes and maybe also some TA-signals from the Andes region?! I just purchased mobile broadband so I will be hooked up to internet all the time - so check out for updates on DX-conditions next week!!!
April 15th, 2009:
Nice e-mail reply from WZNZ Jacksonville, FL - 1460 AM this evening with a message from the General Manager verifying the reception. Station situates in an interesting place - it´s said in the stations website that "even the local pizza boy decline to come to 'that swampy spot' "!!!

Queen of Peace Radio
1460-AM & 1600-AM   "Radio for Your Soul! "
Serving the Jacksonville, Florida airwaves

April 13th, 2009:
And more; WZNZ Jacksonville, FL - 1460 AM with nice top of the hour id: "You´re listening to Queen of Peace Radio WZNZ AM 14-60 in Jacksonville, and WQOP AM 16-hundred in Atlantic Beach." And from OOB-section also one new station for me; WRDW Augusta, GA - 1680 AM with id: "News, talk, sports, AM 16-80 WRDW". These were identified at the same TOH, and also simultaneously was heard WYRD Greenville, SC on 1330 AM with suberb signal, so we had brief conditions towards very interesting area!!!
One QSL came also today as WNWI Oak Lawn, IL - 1080 AM replied to my message. Great!
April 12th, 2009:
More nice catches found from Perseus files today; WITY Danville, IL - 980 AM, WNWI Oak Lawn, IL - 1080 AM, WSHY Lafayette, IN - 1410 AM (60W!), WTTM Lindenwold, NJ - 1680 AM and CJRS Montreal, QC - 1650 AM.
April 11th, 2009:
A quick and nice reply today from the QSL Manager of KGED Fresno, CA - 1680 AM. This was a tough station to hear, so I was very happy to get this confirmed!!
April 10th, 2009:
Some findings again from Perseus -files; KGED Fresno, CA - 1680 AM ...
April 8th, 2009:
One e-QSL today: XEMR Monterrey, NL - 1140 AM.

April 7th, 2009:
Two nice QSLs today; first a reply from LV19 Radio Malargüe - 790 AM. I heard this one for the first time in Lemmenjoki in July 1993 when I was there with TRE doing some antenna works - Radio Malargüe was back then broadcasting on SW frequency of 6160 kHz and one evening it was audible for quite a while. But I never got any reply to my numerous letters. Now I heard them again in October and this time on MW - and now finally I also got a reply. Very nice!
The other QSL for the day was CFCO Chatham, ON - 630 AM. Ontario is definately my favorite Canadian province so it is always a delight to get mail from there.    : )
April 6th, 2009:
Nothing spectacular found today from Perseus -files - the only dim highlight was that the both 910 AM Radio Disney stations KDWZ Salt Lake City, UT & WFDF Farmington Hills, MI happened to identify on the same local break. I´m sure they do that all the time (heh), but that you could hear them at the same time without any other stations disturbing is a bit strange - maybe we had special "Radio Disney"-conditions that day?!
I have heard Radio Disney on 910 AM so many times but never got any local id´s before this ... and I´ve spent hours listening to them ... it´s all about timing!
April 5th, 2009:
Some Perseus digging done today ... couple of nice stations found again; first CFCO Chatham, ON - 630 AM (= my 50th heard Ontarion station!) faded up nicely just to give an id "Country 92,9 and AM 6-30 CFCO", and then KMNS Sioux City, IA - 620 AM "Fox Sports Radio 6-20 KMNS" - alone in the fq, no trace of WTMJ at the moment which was very very strange ...
April 4th, 2009:
One surprise QSL today: XEMU Piedras Negras, CO - 580 AM.
April 1st, 2009:
Last night I found couple of good stations from Perseus files again. The one that I was particulary interested in was KKTL Casper, WY - 1400 AM. There was no identification, but what made me sure of the stations identity was the ad for "The Friends of the Library" Fall Book Sale on the 25th and 26th of October - that organization supports Natrona County Public Library which is located in Casper, WY - and after some investigation on internet I found out that the book sale was also held back then in Casper. That ad was followed by an ad of "Prevent Child Abuse Wyoming". Shortly after that KLIN in Lincoln, NE took over the frequency. In all the station was audible very well for couple of minutes, but only id was "AM 14-hundred".
Anyway, just couple of minutes after sending the e-mail to KKTL I received a very friendly message from DoE of KKTL confirming the reception. That was my 36th NA-QSL from 1400 AM.
Another nice catch I found was KKTY Douglas, WY - 1470 AM simultaneously with KKTL - which was not a surprise as Casper and Douglas are practically neighboring cities. But I already had heard KKTY earlier so no report this time.
And the search goes on ...
March 30th, 2009:
Today I suprisingly got a letter from RNE Catalunya, Lleida verifying my reports of RNE-1 Lleida 612 AM & RNE-5 Lleida 1152 AM. And this came to a letter sent to them in last December. Actually what I got was my letter returned with "todo correcto" written on it with signature and station cancellation. Also couple of stickers were included. That´s good enough for me!!!
March 25th, 2009:
Not a dull day with last Octobers Perseus files - todays big surprise was KRVN Lexington, NE - 880 AM with suberb signals. And it took only couple of hours to get really nice reply from the station.
Other one worth mentioning was WGIL Galesburg, IL - 1400 AM (had it already though but haven´t heard it for a long time).

March 24th, 2009:
What a week behind! So much to do and so little time ...
Anyway,  finally got something done DX-wise. I went through couple of files last night and today and found one really nice surprise; KLEB Golden Meadow, LA - 1600. This came with unfortunately faint signal but with little work I was able to make out: " Louisiana´s Rajun´ Cajun, 16-hundred AM KLEB and 100,3 KLRZ ".
After changing couple of messages with KLEB´s Production Manager I finally got a clip from him with the same identification I heard, and I was able to compare it with mine - the id actually goes like: " The number one tourist destination in Louisiana, the Rajun´ Cajun, 16-hundred AM KLEB and 100,3 KLRZ". So, the beginning of the identification was totally missed (buried under KEPN), but the end went exactly as I heard it. According to my knowledge this was the first time for KLEB to be heard here in Finland(?).
Other station worth mentioning was KLGA Algona, IA - 1600 AM which came up briefly 9 minutes before KLEB - even though I had this one already, it was nice to hear them with good ID. And finally found the second Minnesotan from 1480 AM - KAUS Austin. I have heard the other one (KKCQ Fosston) already three times but never before KAUS. According to statistics KAUS should be easier to hear here but in my case it was vice versa.
More new findings hopefully tomorrow ...
March 17th, 2009:
Again two QSL´s today:
KKLF Richardson, TX - 1700 AM
XEEB Ciudad Obregón, SO - 760 AM
March 16th, 2009:
Two nice NA-QSL´s today:
KZZJ Rugby, ND - 1450 AM (from the geographical center of North America!)
KBJA Sandy, UT - 1640 AM
March 12th, 2009:
A reply from WPIE Trumansburg, NY - 1160 AM came today. I heard this station 15 years ago, so it took me a while to get this one.
March 10th, 2009:
Work, work and work ... and three QSLs;
XEFAMA Ciudad Camargo, CH - 960 AM
KDLR Devils Lake, ND - 1240 AM
WLYV Fort Wayne, IN - 1450 AM
It´s been a whole week without Perseus -files. And right now it seems like it´s going to be two weeks without Perseus -files.
My band Mysteria (www.mysteriaband.com) has started recordings of the debut album and that will also take lot of my time in the near future.
March 5th, 2009:
One QSL today; XEMON Monterrey, NL - 1370 AM.
March 3rd, 2009:
Work is now really disturbing my DXing hobby ... anyway, I got e-mail-reply today from KRND Fox Farm, WY - 1630 AM (tnx Ole Forr for assistance!!!).
As we in Finnish DXing are so excited about collecting points for our precious SDXL-rank, why couldn´t we collect points for assisting someone to get QSL. Like in ice-hockey! Wouldn´t it be nice to say in a DX-gathering: "I have 356 + 23 = 379 points from NA" and so on. What a brilliant idea ...
Moving on ... FedEx brought me a little package from XEBI Aguascalientes AG -790 AM with T-shirt, stickers, pens etc. Nice!!! I got a nice e-mail-verification from XEBI earlier in February so this was just a really nice bonus!
Only thing worth mentioning from last nights Perseus -sessions was KOLM-1520, but I heard them already on LEM248 in October 2007, so no need to get over-excited over this ...
March 1st, 2009:
Finally some time again to listen to Perseus files ... and immediately found something new for me: XECU Los Mochis, SN - 1450 AM with nice "La Rancherita, XEORF" -id! So, it isn´t always KGRE with Mexican px on 1450 ... interesting!
February 27th, 2009:
Two NA QSL´s today:
KKPC Pueblo, CO - 1230 AM - my 30th Colorado-station!
KVRI Blaine, WA - 1600 AM - my 70th Washington-station!! Thanks MTM for v/s!
Nothing worth mentioning found on Perseus -files for couple of days...
February 26th, 2009:
Two Mexican QSL´s today: first XEABC Cd.México, DF - 760 AM. This came to an old follow-up - one of the Mexicans that I couldn´t get to reply conventional way back in the 1990´s. Better late than never!
And then XECPN Piedras Negras, CO - 1320 AM - this was my 4th Mexican on 1320 AM!! Thanks HS for v/s! 
February 24th, 2009:
Very busy day today - unfortunately just work-wise. No time for checking any Perseus -files, but there´s always time to receive some new QSLs:
KVNU Logan, UT - 610 AM
XENM Aguascalientes, AG - 1320 AM (my 60th Mexican QSL!)
February 23rd, 2009:
Today little something after couple of dry days;
KCOL Wellington, CO - 600 AM
KHOW Denver, CO - 630 AM
XECT Monterrey, NL - 1190 AM (was my 150th CA-QSL!)
Also something new again from Perseus -files; XENM Aguascalientes, AG - 1320 AM.
February 20th, 2009:
The QSL of the day came from XEDE Saltillo, CO - 720 AM.
New stations picked up from Perseus -files of October 17th:
KCOL Wellington, CO - 600 AM
XEGS Guasave, SN - 610 AM
KVNU Logan, UT - 610 AM
KHOW Denver, CO - 630 AM
February 19th, 2009:
Today again couple of QSLs;
KALL North Salt Lake City, UT - 700 AM
XELP La Piedad, MI - 1230 AM (First one from Michoacán!)
XERPL León, GJ - 1270 AM
February 18th, 2009:
What a great day! First finally got a nice message from KAKK Walker, MN - 1570 AM with audio clips proving without a doubt that the identification we heard on LEM264 was truly of KAKK - "Good times, great oldies in North Central Minnesota, KAKK, Walker". Also said in their message was that they have changed these liners and now their slogan is "Oldies 1570, bringing hits to the Leech lake area, KAKK Walker" ...
And more great news, three Mexican QSLs today; XEBI Aguascalientes, AG -790, XEVK Gómes Palacio, DG -1010 (first one in the state of Durango!) and XEPRS Rosarito, BC - 1090.
And Perseus -files of 17th of October gave today still more Mexicans; XELK Zacatecas, ZC - 830.
February 17th, 2009:
More nice Mexicans from Perseus-files of 17th of October: XEFAMA-960 & XECQ-920. 
And really fast reply came today from KBRF-1250. The other ones for today were KSRO-1350 and KZXR-1310.
February 16th, 2009:
My dream (well, one of them anyway) came one step closer to be true when I received today a very nice verification message from Radio Castellón - 1521 OM - that´s my 45th verified SER-station! Now I have only two SER AM-stations not-verified (Radio Mallorca and Radio Cádiz) and my collection is perfect!
Went through some Perseus-files again today and found four new Mexicans to report: 1010-XEVK, 1090-XEPRS, 1190-XEPZ and 1190-XECT. What a great conditions we had towards Mexico on the 17th of October! New add to log also from NA: KBRF Fergus Falls, MN -1250.
And one more reply in the evening; KSBN Spokane, WA - 1230 AM.
February 14th, 2009:
This is a great day - it´s a LURX Christmas party day!!
And the way the day started couldn´t have been better; nice reply from WKAT North Miami, FL -1360 AM was waiting for me in the mailbox.
I guess there will be no Perseus -files listened today ...
February 13th, 2009:
KRIB Mason City, IA - 1490 AM sent a message back today. This was really great as I have tried to get them to reply since 1997 with no previous success. Well, it wasn´t easy this time either ...
February 12th, 2009:
KGIM Aberdeen, SD - 1420 AM - Tnx Arnstein!
CM.. Radio 26, Matanzas - 1060 AM
And KUBR-1210 was found from Perseus-files.
February 11th, 2009:
And one more today:
XEIH Fresnillo, ZC - 770 AM
February 10th, 2009:
Two more QSLs today;
KWBE Beatrice, NE - 1450 AM
KKAQ Thief River Falls, MN - 1460 AM - this was my MN -station number 40!
February 9th, 2009:
Couple of QSLs today;
KDYM Sunnyside, WA - 1230 AM
WBSM New Bedford MA - 1420 AM
WXBR Brockton MA - 1460 AM
XEFZ Monterrey, NL - 660 AM
February 7th, 2009:
A nice start for today was a message from WJDA Quincy, MA -1300 AM verifying my reception on last October. This was heard with Portuguese (Brazilian) programming during one great East Coast opening.
Also some Perseus -files were checked today. New stations to our log: 710-KNUS, 910-WSUI so nothing special new from North America. Going through all these files will take years ...
On the 17th of October 03.00 UTC we had really nice opening to Mexico and from that top-of-the-hour-file I found some really nice catches; XEIH Fresnillo, ZC - 770 AM with clear "XEIH La Única" -identification, XEMR Monterrey, NL -1140 AM with "MR 11-40" -id´s, and XEMCA Panuco, VE - 1090 AM with nice "10-90 La Grande de las Huasteca" -id. Lots of Mexicans on the band at that time, but mostly those usual ones.
The search goes on ...
February 6th, 2009:
WTSO Madison, WI - 1070 AM was found on LEM264 -files today.  And verification came 33 minutes after sending the e-mail to the station. That´s nice!
And todays other verification came from Paraguay; ZP4 Radio Uno, Asunción - 650 AM. Tnx JMS for v/s info!
February 5th, 2009:
Couple of adds to our LEM264 -log: 580-WTCM and 1460-KKAQ, more details on updates -section under "Loggings". Haven´t had much time to go through Perseus -files lately. I´m hoping to get something done during the weekend ...
And four e-mails today:
KCOG Centerville, IA - 1400 AM
KGRE Greeley, CO - 1450 AM
KBPS Portland, OR - 1450 AM - my Oregon number 50!
KFXY Enid, OK - 1640 AM
February 3rd, 2009:
Only one QSL today - YVQZ Radio Anaco - 660 AM. This was one of the most wanted Venezuelan stations for me. In 1990´s I spent lots of time on 660 kHz trying to catch them, but the station was quite rare back then. Now it has been heard more often and thus even I managed to hear them on LEM248. Tnx Arnstein Bue for this v/s!
February 2nd, 2009:
Three QSL´s today; first WGY Schenectady, NY - 810 AM. That was found on Perseus files of last October. It took a while to find the correct person to reply but finally got this really nice message from Assistant Program Director Steve Bleznyk.
The second one was my first Euro-QSL for 8 years - Radio Cluj - 909 AM. I have been sending them e-mail´s every now and then without any success, but this time I managed to reach the reporter who had been in Finland in 2007 as a reporter at Neste Oil Rally Finland. Even though I haven´t been so eager reporting European stations it is always great to get a confirmation from a local radio station that has been heard with local programming - despite the location. Very nice.
Third one came by snail-mail from VON Radio, Nevis -895 AM. I had already received e-mail-confirmation to my reception earlier and now I got also official verification letter along with two refridgerator magnets. Seems like a very friendly station!!!
January 30th, 2009:
One long awaited QSL today: XEJ Ciudad Juárez, CH - 970 AM. I heard this for the first time already in 1993, but got now confirmation to my reception on last October. The key to success was the correct address! Thanks HS !! This was my Mexican number 50 !!!
January 29th, 2009:
A short message from KZNS Salt Lake City, UT - 1280 AM confirming my reception was received today. This took so many follow-ups during the years that I have lost count. If I´d say 50 that would be close, maybe. Anyways, it was great to have this one finally.
If I could also figure out how to get that other Salt Lake City -station 1320-KFNZ to reply then I could leave Salt Lake City alone, at least for a while. I was so close of nailing this one couple of weeks ago when I received a message from Citadel Brodascating Company´s market manager Eric Hauenstein, but he just said that their company does not operate this station anymore. According to Citadel Broadcasting´s own website they still do - and funniest thing was that KFNZ was mentioned on the station list that was under Eric Hauenstein´s name on that reply. But hey, who am I to say ...  If anybody knows about this change of ownership, I´d appreciate your info!
January 27th, 2009:
Couple of new QSLs today:
First came CHRC Quebec QC 800 AM which I heard in 1990 for the first time but never manged to got any reply until today when I received a nice confirmation on my October 2007 reception. Because it took over 18 years for me to get this one I was very delighted to finally get a response - and this was also my 1.000th North American QSL, so some celebration was in place!
Another follow-up-QSL came later from XEMPM Radio Fama, Los Mochis (SN) 1030 AM. A very nice message from Ms. Connie Arambula confirming my reception and also informing that they are no longer using "Radio Fama" slogan, but have changed recently to using "La Pesada". My Mexican QSL number 49!
The third QSL of the day was from KFNN Mesa AZ - 1510 AM which I heard last October on my DXpedition on Lemmenjoki (LEM264). I was able to hear the end of their top-of-the-hour newscast and weather report by meteorologist John Wetherbee.
The final QSL of the day came from KTSN Elko NV - 1340 AM. That was one of the stations that was found on my Perseus files from LEM264-pedition last October. "Home for talk-sports-news, AM 13-40 KTSN Elko".
January 26th, 2009:
Only one QSL today; CKDH Amherst NS - 900 AM. This was also found on my Perseus files from LEM264 -pedition last October. Two minutes before the top-of-the-hour the station faded up and gave nice identification: "Your community, your radio station, 900 CKDH". I was thinking that considering the conditions we had on LEM264 I might find CHML from Perseus files as it is much more commonly heard here in Finland, but I wasn´t expecting to find CKDH so that was a truly nice and welcomed surprice!

January 25th, 2009:
Today was a great day - at least DX-wise. Some really nice QSLs;
One of the greatest surprises of LEM264-pedition was WHUC Hudson NY - 1230 AM with fine top-of-the-hour id: "The home for America´s best music, 12-30 WHUC Hudson-Catskill". We had couple of quite good though unfortunately short openings towards East Coast of U.S.A. and this was heard during one of those openings. Today I got a friendly confirmation message with great pictures of WHUC transmitter, studio building and tower.
KFKA Greeley CO - 1310 AM was also heard on LEM264. It came couple of times with very strong signal being the dominant station of the frequency for long period of times. Even though KFKA is not so rarely heard here in Finland that was the first time I bumped into them. Isn´t it nice to hear a new station for yourself when it comes truly loud and clear?! Well, yeah! Today I got a confirmation message from the owner of KFKA, and according to him KFKA is the first radio station in Colorado licensed in 1921.
And a message from deep-deep south; LV11 Emisora Santiago del Estero - 890 AM. This is a station that I heard some years ago with very nice signals but never managed to get any reply to my messages. This time I was lucky as I managed to catch the right person at the right time. And my letter ended up read on the air at once as it arrived to the station. In their message they promised to also send me something by snail-mail, so I´ll be waiting!
January 23rd, 2009:
Today I finally finished checking up NRD-files of LEM264. At this point I can say that this has proven to be the second best DXpedition ever for me  - if measured by the number of new NA-stations heard.
And I got to open the Perseus files little earlier that I had planned. Those 2 TB of files have been waiting for me the last three months untouched.
The first file that I opened gave me immediately a new station - WTSN Dover, NH - 1270 AM. And only couple of hours later I got a message from the GM of WTSN confirming my reception. This was already 3rd new station from New Hampshire on LEM264 now doubling my total number of stations heard on this tiny state.


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