Links to Country Dance Instructional Videos

Links to Country Line Dancing Videos/Instruction on YouTube:


Popular Dances at Cancun Cantina 

Canadian Stomp  -  (low difficulty) 

Ghost Train  - (low difficulty)                                                                   

El Paso (Couples)  - (low difficulty) 

Slappin' Leather  - (low difficulty) 

Ride 'Em Cowboy - (low difficulty)

Watermelon Crawl  -  (medium difficulty)   

God Bless Texas - (medium difficulty)                                             

Tush Push - (medium difficulty)         

Cute Cute Cute - (medium difficulty)

Schottishe - (medium difficulty)                                               

Jailhouse Rock - (medium difficulty) 

Mars Attack (Choco-Choco)  - (high difficulty) 

Chill Factor  - (high difficulty)  


Different Versions of Dances not Done at Cancun Cantina

She Bangs