Club Officers

Dan Schlattman - President/Tresurer, Country Dance Association

Dan is a 2nd year EE master's student at Hopkins.  He is an avid country dancer...and that word is used loosely.  Hailing from Missouri, country dancing is in his blood -- and with the way he's dressed, no one messes with him on the dance floor.





Abby Robinson - President/Secretary, Country Dance Association

Abby is a senior engineering undergrad at Hopkins and picked up line dancing through a $9.99 instructional DVD featuring a Texan wife-beater.  She's lookin' forward to tearin' up the dance floor this semster. 



Loza Lee - Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions (JHMI) Representative

Loza plans to bring that country spirit to the med-campus.  It's hard to resist her awesome flyers. 

Ashley Watson - Historian

Ashley is responsible for 95% of the photos you see on this website.  Additionally she's been a part of some very crucial 'club defining' meetings.


Alexis Roy - Undergraduate Representative

Lauren Thompson - Undergraduate Representative 



 Tian Xia - Target Demo

As a computer science graduate student, Tian has been termed the unequivical 'target demo' of the country dance association.  After months of skepticism, the JHU CDA finally won the man over.  He is now one of the most active members, contributing to club trips as well as lessons.  This is truly a Cinderella success story for the CDA.