New Info Leading up to Semi State and Practice Schedule Info

posted Oct 10, 2017, 4:14 PM by Kelly Lechner
If we would have performed Saturday, we would have done more of our show than we did at Murray, and the plan is to finish learning and perform the entire show this Saturday at Regional-WOO-HOOO!!!!!!!  We drew last, which is great, and perform at 8:37 our time at Evansville Central. I believe we will end up with a very strong program as we go into the last part of the season.
THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: There are always extra Monday night rehearsals the last 2 weeks of the season, but since one of those Mondays would be during Fall Break, the first extra Monday rehearsal is next Monday Oct. 16, 6-9 PM. This has been on the schedule all season.   The second extra rehearsal is the week of State-Oct. 30.

·         Thinking about Fall Break, and how it is going to be uncharted waters for all of us, I want to go over it again, and in more detail.

We will be (most likely, and I would bet as such) performing in the Finals at the Music City Invitational at McGavock HS on October 21st. If there are students/parents needing to leave asap, I will be fine with you leaving following our night performance, not waiting until awards, as long as you communicate with me. Everyone coming home that night will be back very late-probably 3 AM or so.  We will not have school the next week, and I have agreed to excuse everyone from rehearsing Tuesday night, Oct 24.!!  Perhaps everyone needs to be reminded here that we are eliminating 5 class periods, and a night rehearsal, and straying tremendously from our normal routine, on Semi-State week!! arguably the most important week of the year. I doubt that other JHS competing organizations are doing this, so please be appreciative of the few days you have. It should be obvious that we need to works AS HARD AS POSSIBLE these next 2 weeks to be in as good of shape as is possible before we take our break.  For all of those reasons, EVERYONE is expected to be back for rehearsal on Thursday Oct 26, 6-9.   In addition to that, EVERYONE is expected to be at an all-day camp-type practice on Friday Oct 27!!   There can be no work conflicts, no scheduled doctor's appointments/haircuts/whatever.   For now keep 8 AM to 5 PM cleared in your schedule for that Friday the 27th. We will provide lunch-perhaps Schnitzelbank chicken/dumplings and mashed potatoes?  

·         THIS WILL BE IMPORTANT TO EVERYONE I AM SURE: I do not want any "special things" happening on the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of Semi-State week. (October 26-28)

Part of that is that we will do the traditional Senior Meeting the week before (McGavock week) on Tuesday Oct 17th at the end of rehearsal. That rehearsal will start earlier to allow for that, maybe 5:00, or 5:30 and then we can have the meeting at 8. (Traditionally this would be on Thursday but there is a performance of the musical which involves several students on that Thursday.)

On that Thursday and Friday before Semi-State, or on the Saturday of the competition,  I also ask you not to do "goodie bags" or other things that do not have anything to do with, and could be a distraction from, our students just practicing/preparing for our Semi-State performance. I do think it is ok If students decide to come to my house for their traditional decorating that Thursday😀. Otherwise, all other "stuff" needs to happen McGavock week. This last month will go fast, so everyone needs to "stop and smell the roses", and appreciate everyone and everything that is associated with this crazy activity, and this particular season.  
Monday, October 16, rehearsal 6-9

·         Thursday, October 19:  Rehearsal will start earlier.  We are doing the WALL OF FAME early this year to coincide with the decisions made below to limit distractions (read Mr. Goodhue’s info below!)  Parents, you may bring in a poster of good luck for your student.  Please keep it 12X12 or smaller!  Bring sticky tac or painter’s tape.  No duct tape, etc, so we don’t mess up the walls.  You will be responsible for hanging your own poster.  Posters should be hung by instrument section.  Posters are what you want them to be:  pictures, messages of good luck, etc.  be mindful of the space so 12X12 or smaller.   SENIORS:  if someone chooses to take the lead for a special senior section like has been done before with baby pictures, etc, that is up to a senior parent!  decide amongst yourselves. J  The traditional senior meeting will be after rehearsal.

·         October 21, Nashville, 4:15 pm our time then probably finals later

·         October 23 week is fall break but EVERYONE needs to be at rehearsal Thursday October 26, 6-9. 

·         October 27, 8 am to 5 pm. EVERYONE needs to be at rehearsal. 

·         October 28, ISSMA Semi-State.