Academic Excellence

posted Feb 17, 2012, 11:51 AM by Beau Balderson   [ updated Dec 30, 2013, 6:27 AM by Mr. Helmick ]
I am proud to announce that our football team was awarded the Academic All Ohio Honorable Mention Award this fall for the 3rd consecutive year.  Out of 717 High School football teams in the state of Ohio, we are within the top 25 overall team GPA.  I am extremely proud of the work our players do on the field and in the classroom!
The following is a link to view the teams that were recognized this year:

Nate Locke was awarded the Individual Academic All Ohio distinction. 

The Jackson High School Football Team prides itself in the pursuit of academic excellence. Our team consists of smaller groups lead by senior leaders with a coach assigned to each group. Our goal as coaches and the senior leaders is to  ensure that each football player is achieving the highest level of education possible. The individual players report to the senior leader and the senior leaders meet once a week with their coach to make sure their team is doing well. 

The coaches also complete grade checks for their senior lead teams, and the players earn points towards the ultimate warrior challenge for their efforts in the classroom. The coaches complete grade checks periodically and individualized attention is provided for those players in need. Tutoring is provided through National Honor Society and Advanced Placement students during the school day through the writing center as well as teacher tutoring before or after school. 

Jackson High School Football Players Academic Point System
A= 4 points 
B= 3 points
C= 0 points
D= -3 points
F= -4 points 
The players earn point values based on their academic performance in the classroom and are rewarded for their efforts. As the coaching staff checks the players grades, twice a nine weeks, at the midterm and end of the nine weeks, the coaches calculate the players point totals and this contributes to the players overall point total for the Ultimate Warrior Challenge.