Research Topics

Beyond Classical Mathematical Structures

  1. Lightweight Public Key Cryptography
    • PKE from Variant of ACDP
      • [C1] A New Additive Homomorphic Encryption based on the co-ACD Problem, ACM-CCS 2014
  2. Candidate Multilinear Maps
    • Analysis
      • [C1] Security Analysis of Multilinear Maps over the Integers, CRYPTO 2014.
  3. Bilinear (Product) Groups
    • Foundation
      • [C1] Beyond the Limitation of Prime-Order Bilinear Groups, and Round Optimal Blind Signatures, TCC 2012.
      • [C1] On the (Im)possibility of Projecting Property in Prime-Order Setting, ASIACRYPT 2012.

From Classical Mathematical Structures

  1. Digital Signatures
    • [C2] Accumulable Optimistic Fair Exchange from Verifiably Encrypted Homomorphic Signatures, ACNS 2015.
    • [C1] Practical Signatures from Standard Assumptions, EUROCRYPT 2013.
  2. Identity-Based Cryptography
    • Revocable (Hierarchical) Identity-Based Encryption
      • [C3] Revocable Hierarchical Identity-Based Encryption: History-Free Update, Security Against Insiders, and Short Ciphertexts, CT-RSA 2015.
      • [C2] Revocable Identity-Based Encryption, Revisited: Security Definition and Construction, PKC 2013.
      • [C1] Efficient Delegation of Key Generation and Revocation Functionalities in Identity-Based Encryption, CT-RSA 2013.
      • [J4] Revocable Identity-Based Encryption with Rejoin Functionality, IEICE Vol.E97-A, No.8, 2014.
      • [J3] Revocable Identity-Based Cryptosystem Revisited: Security Models and Constructions, IEEE Tran. Information Forensics and Security Vol.9(7), 2014.
      • [J2] Revocable Hierarchical Identity-Based Encryption, Theoretical Computer Science Vol.542, 2014.
      • [J1] A Remark on "Efficient Revocable ID-Based Encryption with a Public Channel", IEICE Vol.E96-A, No.11, 2013.
    • Anonymous (Hierarchical) Identity-Based Encryption
      • [J1] Anonymous Hierarchical Identity-Based Encryption with Short Ciphertexts, IEICE Vol.E94-A, No.1 2011.
      • [C1] Anonymous Hierarchical Identity-Based Encryption with Constant Size Ciphertexts, PKC 2009.
  3. Privacy-Preserving Computations
    • Privacy-Preserving Set Operations
      • [C1] Constant-Round Multi-Party Private Set Union using Reversed Laurent Series, PKC 2012.
      • [J2] Multi-Party Privacy-Preserving Set Intersection with Quasi-linear Complexity, IEICE Vol.E95-A, No.8, 2012.
      • [J1] Analysis of Privacy-Preserving Element Reduction of a Multiset, JKMS Vol.46, No.1, 2009.
    • Zero-Knowledge Proofs
      • [C1] Round-Efficient Sub-linear Zero-Knowledge Arguments for Linear Algebra, PKC 2011.
      • [J1] Short Round Sub-linear Zero-Knowledge Argument for Linear Algebraic Relations, IEICE, Vol.E95-A, No.4, 2012.
  4. Uncategorized
    1. [J1] On Discrete Logarithm based Additively Homomorphic Encryption, IEICE Vol.E96-A, No.11, 2013.