Seo, Jae Hong (서재홍, ソ チェホン, 徐 在弘)

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics

Hanyang University

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Email Address: jaehongseo at hanyang dot ac dot kr

I am leading Cryptology & Algorithm Laboratory at Hanyang University. Prior to joining Hanyang university, I was with Myongji university for 5 years and National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) for about 2 years. Before that, I finished my ph.d. degree at Seoul National University in Feb. 2011.

I'm interested in all aspects in cryptography, computational number theory, and information security.

Recently, I'm very interested in computational algorithms, cryptology, and their applications to deep learning and blockchain.


Now Cryptology & Algorithm Laboratory is hiring highly motivated (under)graduate students from computer science, computer engineering, and mathematics or other related majors.

There are PhD/MS position openings for zero-knowledge proof and deep learning based biometric authentication.

  • There are three departments at Hanyang University that you can join us.

    • Mathematics(수학과)/College of Natural Science

    • Information Security(정보보안학과)/College of Engineering

    • Blockchain Computing and Cryptoeconomics(블록체인융합학과)/College of Engineering

Please contact me via email given the above if you are interested in joining Cryptology & Algorithm Laboratory.


2021. Sep.

  1. I join in a collaborative research with Prof. Yongsoo Song (SNU) and Prof. Miran Kim (UNIST), which will be funded by Samsung Science & Technology Foundation for 3 years
    Project Title:
    Secure Multi-Party Approximate Computation

2021. May

  1. Collaborative research with Prof. Taeho Jung, CSE, University of Notre Dame will be funded by the Ministry of Science and ICT, Korea for 1 year.
    Project Title: Blockchain and Zero Knowledge Proof for Searchable and Privacy-preserving Provenance Logging

2021. Apr.

  1. My collaborators and I will be funded by the Ministry of Science and ICT, Korea for 6 years.
    Project Title: Study on Crypto Primitives for SNARK

2021. Mar.

  1. The following paper is accepted for publication in CVPR 2021.
    Sunpill Kim, Yunseong Jeong, Jinsu Kim, Jungkon Kim, Hyung Tae Lee, and Jae Hong Seo, IronMask: Modular Architecture for Protecting Deep Face Template

  2. I will serve as a program committee member of ICISC 2021.

2021. Feb.

  1. The following paper is accepted for publication in Theoretical Computer Science
    Keita Emura, Jae Hong Seo, and Yohei Watanabe, Efficient Revocable Identity-based Encryption with Short Public Parameters

2021. Jan.

  1. In this year, I will serve as a program committee member of several international conferences ASIACRYPT, PQCrypto, IWSEC, and APKC.

Honors and Awards

  • Excellent Young Researcher Award, NRF & Elsevier, 2018.

  • Sang-San Young Mathematician Award, Korean Mathematical Society, 2012.

  • Top (2012), Second (2013), Participant (2020, 2006) Prizes in the National Cryptographic Technology Contest, National Intelligence Service, Korea.

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