Getting Involved

We are a volunteer organization run by postdocs, for postdocs. Whether you’re looking to make some new friends, want to network, expand your career options, learn transferable leadership skills or simply have some fun, you can get all this and more by getting involved with the JHPDA! We always welcome new ideas and are excited to have new members come on board, and any level of contribution is welcome and greatly appreciated!!

Ways to get involved:

  • Join one of our Committees: our committees tackle various aspects of postdoctoral life.
  • Contribute to the conceptualization or organization of an event: Have an idea for an event, resource? Contact us at or email an Executive Board member or Committee Chair!
  • Partake in any of the many activities organized by the JHPDA!
  • Share your experiences as a postdoc at Hopkins on our blog or speak about science and society. We are listening!  

Our Monthly meetings are open to all! First Wednesday of every month in Pre Clinical Teaching Building (PCTB) 113. 

Our meeting minutes can be found here

Our upcoming events – as well as other professional development opportunities – are advertised weekly in our JHPDA Weekly Bulletins. 

Why should you get involved?
The JHPDA provides a platform for postdocs to develop skills transferable skills that can be applied to your future career. These skills could include team building, leadership, networking, program management, event planning, outreach, media and communications, and budget management (among others). Show us your creative side and share your innovative ideas to help improve the postdoctoral experience!