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Living in Baltimore

Baltimore is full of fun places, affordable housing, innovative research, free events, and Hopkins Discounts. You can find general guides below, as well as specific areas of interest.

Information about living in and exploring Baltimore

Baltimore housing resources & neighborhoods

Like any city, Baltimore has pockets of "good areas" and "not-so-good areas." LiveBaltimore lists and describes various neighborhoods.

Visit this website to search for off-campus housing and roommates who also work for Hopkins.

Many grad students and postdocs live in apartments or rowhouses, either south of the School of Medicine campus in Fells Point, Canton, or the Inner Harbor, or around Charles Village near the Homewood Campus. The neighborhoods highlighted below are those most frequented by fellows and students at JHMI. Please note that this is not an extensive list of Baltimore neighborhoods! Instead, we have tried to highlight ones with free or inexpensive transportation between campuses.

Baltimore neighborhoods

Hopkins’ students and postdocs live primarily in the following Baltimore City neighborhoods:

  • Charles Village: Near Homewood campus, where many undergraduate and graduate students live. Access to JHMI by Hopkins Homewood-JHMI shuttle. (Wikipedia; Community website)
  • Mount Vernon: South of Homewood and west of JHMI; includes many restaurants, bars, and shops. Access to JHMI by Hopkins Homewood-JHMI shuttle. (Wikipedia)
  • Fells Point: South of JHMI; located close to the water and home to many fun restaurants, bars, and businesses. Access to JHMI by Charm City Circulator. (Wikipedia; Fells Point Main Street)
  • Canton: Southeast of JHMI, an area filled with rowhomes for rental; includes several grocery stores, a central square with restaurants and bars, and just north Patterson Park with its associated activities. Access to JHMI by public/City bus system. (Wikipedia; Community association; Patterson Park)
  • Butcher’s Hill & Patterson Park: Southeast of JHMI and still within walking distance of the East Baltimore campus; comprised mainly of rowhomes, with Patterson Park offering summer concerts, movies, and sports leagues. Access to JHMI by foot or JHMI shuttle. (Wikipedia for Butcher’s Hill; Community website for Butcher’s Hill; Wikipedia for Patterson Park; Patterson Park website)
  • Inner Harbor: South of JHMI and slightly west of Fells Point; area includes numerous tourist attractions, stores, a movie theater, and gourmet restaurants. Access to JHMI by Charm City Circulator. (Wikipedia; Inner Harbor)
  • Federal Hill: Southwest of JHMI; close to I-295 and I-95 for accessible for commuters; includes a large area filled with restaurants and bars. (Wikipedia; Community website)
  • Hampden: West of Homewood; a hipster neighborhood with fun restaurants, bars, and shops, and surrounded by multiple area parks. Access to JHMI by Hopkins Keswick-Eastern-JHMI shuttle. (Wikipedia; Merchant’s association)

Additional housing resources:

  • JHU / Homewood (link)

  • JHMI / Med Campus (link)

  • JHMI Grad Students Association (link)

  • JHMI Biomedical Engineering PhD Council (link)

  • JHU Graduate Representatives Organization Guide (link)

  • Peabody Off-Campus Housing (link)

  • Baltimore Apartments (on

  • BusyGrad (link)

Temporary Housing: If you're looking for short-term housing (e.g., a week or month), the below locations offer this option, though many other options exist.

  • McElderry House: Temporary housing for visiting families or students or guests next to the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

  • Broadview Apartments: Offers short-term furnished apartments or long-term housing near the Homewood campus.

Hopkins Campuses

Hopkins postdocs are primarily located at the three main campuses: 

  • The Johns Hopkins East Baltimore Campus (campus map). It includes
    1.  School of Medicine
    2. Bloomberg School of Public Health, and
    3. School of Nursing