Non-Academic, more and more PhDs are pursuing diverse science careers than ever before. Given this, it’s important to understand that PhDs have many career options outside of the tenure-track academic position. Some diverse career resources are listed below, though this is far from a comprehensive list.

Remember, career exploration is part of your graduate and postdoctoral training!

Gaining experience in diverse careers: Postdoctoral Fellow Internship Program

  • Short-term internship program for postdocs to gain applied exposure to and experience in diverse careers. Check out the program website for more details and internship openings

Resources for exploring non-academic career options:

  • The JHMI Professional Development Office: Provides resources, workshops, talks, and one-on-one meetings on many topics related to diverse science careers, including (but not limited to) exploring diverse careers, identifying transferable skills, resume writing, and more
  • myIDP at Science Careers: Explore your skills, interests, and values as they relate to diverse science careers; explore resources about career options, and develop a plan for exploring these careers
  • JHMI Biomedical Careers Initiative: Explore career options, find out what skills are needed for various careers, and network with professionals. BCI also hosts a number of career events
  • Versatile PhD: An online community dedicated to discovering, exploring, and discussing non-academic career options in science; includes online forums, opportunities to learn about discipline-specific diverse careers, explore job openings that target PhDs, network with successful PhDs nationwide, and more. Access through your affiliation with Hopkins using your JHED (access here)!
  • Putting PhDs to Work - Career Planning for Today’s Scientist: Article that discusses the importance of exploring career opportunities, setting goals, and discussing these with your PI
  • NIH Office of Intramural Training and Education (OITE): Excellent resource filled with events, career exploration resources, job postings, training programs, and more
  • Science Careers (from Science Magazine): An extensive collection of articles, opinion pieces, forums, workshops, and other resources related to all careers in science

Some non-academic research areas: (see also BCI’s list)

  • Research in Pharma: Science Magazine has created a collection of articles related to Pharma research
  • BioTech Research
  • Government Research: With government Institutes or Agencies (e.g., National Institutes of Health or their Institutes; Food and Drug Administration; Department of Defense; Department of Energy). Jobs typically posted here
  • Science Policy and Regulatory Affairs: includes positions such as science policy, regulatory affairs, program officers and grant management, among others.Fellowships are also commonly offered through the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAA)
  • Science Communication
  • Technology Transfer: Oftentimes work with institutes, organizations, or universities in protecting, managing, and marketing inventions and discoveries
  • Business or Government Consulting
  • Patent Law
  • Academic Administration