Jobs and Funding

Fellowships and Grants

Postdoctoral Position available at Johns Hopkins Department of Urology in the laboratory of Paula Hurley. The goal of the Hurley lab is to reduce the death and suffering caused by aggressive prostate cancer. To this end, the laboratory is focused on identifying novel genetic and molecular pathways driving lethal prostate cancer and mechanisms of therapy resistance. Funding is available for four years. Please contact Paula Hurley at May 21, 2018.

Postdoctoral Position available at Johns Hopkins Cognitive Neurophysiology and Brain Machine Interface Lab, under the direction of Dr. Nathan Crone. The lab is studying neural mechanisms of motor and cognitive functions and is developing assistive systems for individuals with disabilities. Projects involve: brain-machine interfaces, functional brain mapping, and studies of the dynamics of cognitive and epileptogenic networks.                        


- PhD in Computer Science / Software Engineering, or field involving scientific computing

- experience or interest in cognitive electrophysiology, network code, signal processing, 3D visualization, and virtual reality

- proficiency in Matlab (C/C++, Python, full-stack web development - JavaScript/Node, HTML/CSS - is a plus)

- experience with Linux environment

- experience in developing sophisticated applications (working with real-time software is a plus)

Please contact Dr. Anna Korzeniewska:

Postdoctoral Position available in Department of Pathology in Cell Mediated Translational Immunology.  Projects include developing NK cell therapies for leukemia and lymphoma, studying CD8 T-cell mediated responses to chronic viral infections with intent to develop vaccines, and studying T-cell responses to better predict organ transplant rejection.  Experience with cell culture techniques (Flow cytometry, ELISPOT, cell killing assays, cell culture, working with human tissue and blood samples and basic molecular biology experience is important).  Animal mouse experimentation is also required.  To discuss possible projects please contact: Max Rosario.

For Everyone

For Women

For Minorities

  • AERA-ETS Fellowship: Program in Measurement through the American Educational Research Association. $50,000 award for 2 years. Due Dec 15.
  • Minority Postdoctoral Fellowship through the National Science Foundation. $60,000 award for 2 or 3 years. Due Nov 5.
  • Ford Postdoctoral Fellowship through the National Academies. $40,000 for 1 year. Due Nov 30.
  • UNCF Merck Postdoctoral Fellowship through the United Negro College Fund and the Merck Institute for Science Education. $85,000 for 1-2 years. Due Dec 3.
  • Diversity Program in Neuroscience through the American Psychological Association. NIH standard pay up to 2 years. Due Jan 15.
  • Mentor-Based Minority Fellowship through the American Diabetes Association. $45,000 for 3 years. Due Jan 15
  • NIH Research Supplements to promote diversity in health related research

Funding from Foundations/Private Sources
The Johns Hopkins University's Corporate and Foundation Relations maintains a website listing upcoming grant competitions that are sponsored by foundations and other private sources. They are in addition to the limited-submission RFPs periodically announced by the Research Projects Administration office. The opportunities are listed in order of deadline and links to each funder's application information are provided. Contact Karin Hunt with any questions.